“Your Summer Place”

“That’s the position we make them feel they’re in when we expose our ‘essentials’.”

Aah… Summer has just begun. A time for endeavors and romantic pursuits! I wonder about all of you who read my weekly posts & the newcomers who are beginning to get the word that there’s a new Woman’s Magazine online. You know, like what kinds of projects you may have in the works? Or with Summer are you thinking, ‘I want to do a make-over’! Or some of you, maybe you just think ‘I’d love to be spending some time away with my significant other’!

I’ve wanted my Chats here to be a ‘Woman-to-Woman’ communication that keeps the familiarity of friends sharing secrets over a cup of coffee. I’d say thus far that’s been accomplished. So I tell ya what, this morning I’m going to share another one of my secrets with ya’ll.

But first I’ll ask, do you have a “Special Summer Place”? Now I don’t mean just a vacation spot where hundreds go. I mean inside of you, in your heart. That certain something that you really love about Summertime that sets your heart to comfort mode. That’ll make you feel kind of dreamy & anticipating what the future may hold. Or it sends you walking down memory lane with the heartthrob of your past.

It can be something simple such as sitting on a porch with the sound of thunder rumbling in the distance.

Or the scent of that freshly mowed lawn. OK, now don’t laugh but here’s mine: Coppertone. That’s right! Coppertone Suntan Oil. Oh baby, every time I get a whiff it takes me back.

My Mom and her friend Margaret would slather it all over themselves and on all of us children, too. While they tanned and turned up the music on the radio, us kids would play and splash around in the little pool that they had at Margie’s. Later out would come the Koolade and cookies. And all of us kids thought we were in heaven.

Of course, as I grew I traded the Koolade for Diet Pepsis’. And I wanted to show my tan off with just the right outfits. Which brings me back to you & another question this morning. What’s the best outfit that comes to mind when you think of Summertime & how you can get a man’s attention?

If you have one special man in your life, then you know what he likes. His favorite colors and styles. But generally speaking “it’s always wise to remember that men appreciate simple, elegant, and figure flattering styles’.

Personally, what I’ve always loved in Summertime is a knock ’em out of their socks white outfit! And I choose one that’s flirty, cool and feminine. You can trust me on this, too, men want a woman who knows the difference between sexy and vulgar.

Reverse roles for a minute and look at him. Think if he showed up saying I’m ready to go and hadn’t buttoned his shirt. His pants fit alright but he left his zipper open. That’s the position we make them feel they’re in when we expose our ‘essentials’.

Elegance is a poised, stylish, sophisticated look and manner. It’s also very alluring and sexy when done by one who knows what she’s doing. Some examples that quickly come to mind are Grace Kelly, Princess Diana, Michelle Obama, Meghan Markle, etc.

By the way, when choosing Elegant Apparel it doesn’t mean you can’t wear jeans either. It simply means, make sure they make you look star worthy. That is if you want to see that sparkle in his eye. Anyway, think about it! And maybe you’ll even create a new Summer place to enjoy with your man that will be just in time for those July 4th fireworks! @END

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