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Is your mind deceiving you into acting older physically than you have to be? It’s amazing to me that most women (and men too for that matter) spend so much of their lives wishing it away.

Remember when you were a child and you dreamed of the day you’d become a teenager? Once a teenager? Yes! Now you could date and drive. But that magic number of 21 was looming in your head. Wasn’t it? Legally of age for everything! I’ll do what I Charlie Brown please & no one will tell me differently.

Hello, reality. The landlord, your mate & professor had something to say, didn’t they? Let’s cut to the chase, y’all. Time passes. We get busy & life happens. Before you know it, you’re in the “old zone”. But by who’s measure? A child of 10 will think 20 something is old! But you, yourself, when did you decide you were “old”?

Was it your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s? Or—- do you have a mindset that says, old? Not moi. Not now, not ever! When someone infers that you’ve hit the aged old-coot era? Are you savvy enough to counter with ~ who are you referring to as old, etc? “I’m experienced, thank you. I have a good mind. And a good outlook on life. I’m in pretty good health. I’ve resolved some things & actually feel better about life now than I ever have.”

I hope you can obtain the last few lines for your mindset, if you don’t have it. Instead of continuing to wish and waste valuable time away. Face the mirror and reality. Make your choice to live better than ever. Take action. Stop the old-coot syndrome thoughts of ~ “If I were in my 20’s now? I’d give her a run for her money! Or dating at my age? I’m a grandmother!! And the old standby one of “my mate died some years back; I’m too old to start all over. If I were still in my 40’s or early 50’s well then”

Get motivated. Upgrade your well-being. Check out makeovers. And make a new friend or two. That will join you in your new endeavors. Now just for fun let’s take some star’s personalities & see who you align with most in your current mindset.

Ladies, are YOU an Aunt Bea type? Frances Bavier was born December 14, 1902 ~ In her 60’s on the Andy Griffith Show. Typical American Grandma. Overweight, but still a help to family & active.

Or a Golden Girl? Blanche Devereaux ~ portrayed by Rue McClanahan was in her early 50’s. Sexy ~ I’m still looking around & can definitely be male-ready. If it’s the right man!

Identify with Marie Osmond? Glamma ~Still very active. Mom. Glamma, Actress, Singer & NutriSystem Spokesperson. Marie is vibrantly lovely and in her 60’s. Doesn’t let her marriage stop her. A real g0-getter!

Or how about Jennifer Anniston? Known as Rachel on Friends. Jennifer Joanna Aniston (born February 11, 1969) is an American actress, producer, and businesswoman. Still beautiful and very active. In her early 50’s. Did you catch the Friends Reunion? Has people saying, “she’s how old? She’s the health-minded, footloose and fancy-free type.

You Men?

Do you think yourself a James Bond type? Sir Sean Connery starred in 7 JB movies ~ he was in his early 30’s when he portrayed JB. Lived to be 90. Every woman seems to think you’ve got it. You turn the lady’s heads all the time.

Or are you more of a Tom Brady? Energizer Bunny doesn’t have anything over Tom. Still good looking, active Football legend and in his 40’s. Looks good on you, Tom. Do you take care of yourself & look like a gorgeous jock type? Even though you’ve paired up with your significant other?

Or do you identify with Barack Obama? Long, lean, clever & very good-looking silver fox. Sorry, Michelle, we’re just sayin’! What a life he’s led. Very active. President, Senator, Father, Husband., Author, etc. Doesn’t get better than this!

Or is a Stetson Man more your image? A manly indoor/outdoor at- any-age kind of a guy. You keep your swag and have the confidence to back up your good taste in colognes. You have the attitude of a confident playboy: “Be afraid of me, ladies!”

Think about it. What’s your wants, desires and goals. How old are you really?


  1. Hey Betty!! I so enjoyed this post! :purple_heart: As you know, I just turned 60. Sometimes I feel every bit of 60. And other times, I feel like I’m in my 20’s or 30’s! Very nice post hun. I definitely feel that I identify with the Blanche Devereaux type…only married!! lol

    1. You know you’re right! You’ve got glam just bursting to get out of you! You’re good at sharing yourself with friends & family & have that Blanche sparkle in your eye from time to time. Sorry, guys, Tammy is married.

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