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Beauty Woman To Woman Magazine wants to encourage all men to be their best too. If you have blemishes… under-eye circles… age spots … the little things that get in your head and may be cramping your style?

Please check out this tutorial from Carl Cunard. He posted it in 2017 and it explains in a straightforward way why it’s okay for you to improve your appearance with makeup.

We’ve noted at BW2W in past issues how some of our fave sports guys, movie dudes, newsmen, etc., are all wearing it. Don’t be afraid to get your swag on, fellas!

2 thoughts on “YOU WANT TO BE HANDSOME?

  1. Who doesn’t like looking at a beautiful face, no matter the gender? I do. Ok, the guy was cute too, LOL. But the point is that you could not tell he was wearing makeup. We watch movies and look and drulle over the gorgeous women and men and think, or at least I used to think: Some people are made for this industry. They all look close to, if not perfect. That was a long time ago, but little did I know there that none of them have perfect skin, perfect teeth, perfect hair and so on. What they have is a host of people who use a ton of products to make them look as we see them in the movies. I’m not for wearing a ton of makeup; only enough to make you look and feel beautiful. After all, “Who Doesn’t Want To Look Beautiful?”

    Have a great day, all you beautiful people.

  2. Thank you, Gabriela111 ~ I’ve learned a good bit too. And one of the best things was “Happy never goes out of style!” :slight_smile:
    I want you & all our subscribers here to be happy and grow in your knowledge of Beauty inside /out. Then you’ll have the confidence to walk into any situation with grace and style. :lipstick::nail_care::revolving_hearts:

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