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Let’s be honest, who doesn’t? So what does Beauty Woman To Woman Magazine suggest for you?

First, look in your mirror and have a heart-to-heart with yourself.

Be kind as you would in making suggestions for a friend as to what she needs to improve and bring out her best features. After all, no one — and I mean no one — not the most famous model or movie star is without flaws!

Now, what are your best features? And (gasp) the ones that nag at you… Jot them down. Put them on an ‘I can handle this list’. Pros and Cons. When through … look at yourself again with a positive attitude, not the old ‘it’s hopeless‘ one.

🗝 This may help you. Think of your home, for example. When you invite guests over, you don’t point out things that need fixing up. You display your latest great find from Amazon and make them feel welcome. Right? Do that with yourself. If you think your eyes are a good feature, then make them up the best you ever have! Then work on your lips, and cheeks to go with your eyes. Colors and glow can make a difference for anyone. Don’t be timid. It’s in learning how to apply the makeups in the right way for yourself that will help build your confidence.

Your face is just the beginning. From the top of your pretty head to your pretty feet, be willing to do all you can to complete your look. Also, add some spontaneity to your beauty routine and wardrobe. It can be an amazing mood booster. It’s Fall y’all! 🍁 Mother Nature changes four times a year. Why not you? 😜

Here’s A Makeup Tutorial To Inspire You!

Brianna Fox presents “Warm Fall Makeup“ She did this one in 2019 But we chose it for the upbeat message to inspire you, and the Fall colors are classic ~ meaning it still works great for work or school, etc. in 2021.

3 thoughts on “YOU WANT TO BE BEAUTIFUL?

  1. What a “cool” choice of video – rather warm. Loved the tutorial and the music. I thought about the way she looked when she sat at the table and then when she was through applying her makeup and couldn’t help going: OMG, the things we can achieve using products. She is beautiful to begin with, but the look of sophistication after applying makeup … unbelievable.

    This took me to another thought: the things we can achieve when we set our mind on bettering our whole life not only our looks. And there is so much FREE material/help out there. I wish we could get together, us members, and share what we wish to improve, personal experience related to it, resources. You know, become friends, a family, instead of staying strangers forever. Just a thought. Salutations to everyone who’s read this post.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. We’re glad you enjoyed the article and it inspired you. 🗝 And wow Gabriela – what a great idea you have. We had at one time had some fuzzy plans for a member’s forum, but I think we can do even better than that.

      Everyone stay tuned … the rest of this year you’re all going to get to grow with BW2W! We can’t wait to make this THE place to be for all our loyal subscribers.
      :heart_eyes: :rose:

  2. Hey Betty! Nice suggestions in your article. This article AND the video inspired me so much!! I need to be a lot bolder with my makeup. Especially the eyes. I loved Brianna’s colors! They made me look forward to fall with even more excitement. Thanks so much for this article. <3 A forum may be a nice idea.

    Looking forward to what you have planned for the magazine for the remainder of 2021!! 🙂 I liked Gabriela's thoughts too.

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