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My expectations are as high as that pretty jet in the sky. I find myself ready to start not only this new month but a new chapter in my life

It seems like here in America that I’m not alone with this vibe. The engines are roaring. Baseball players are scoring. And it’s suddenly as if the arts and entertainment world has said “all together now, let’s not just walk the red carpet ~ let’s dance on it”!

Beauty Woman To Woman is excited to be here with all of you. Are you ready for new adventures? Life’s dance? This month we can connect our minds, bodies, and souls like we haven’t been able to since Covid came on the scene. Let’s share our passions, the hot topics of the day, and connect with others. Virtually and physically, too. Now people should say, ‘let’s dare to live and love’. Not sit on the sidelines letting life pass us by any longer.

Granted, we’ll have our oops moments and challenges. That’s part of the dance. Realize you can’t give an opinion without someone, somewhere, saying they disagree or are offended. BW2W knows what it’s like to have to work over, around, and with bullies, naysayers, & health issues. And yes, we’ve stepped on toes, too! And have had to limp off the red carpet with our own toes hurting from time to time. But we also are blessed to have a sassy chutzpa attitude that spoke loudly enough to be heard by the world as we limped off momentarily. We exclaimed, “so, you going to help me or what?”

Because we were determined. Determined to overcome. To be open to change. Yes, change if that’s what it took to bring about peace inwardly and around us. Always with a prayer not to cause hurt back. But to find the truth in a situation. And we learned that when we did the searching, to enjoy life’s blessings that we were surrounded with. And we’re sure you can and will, too.

So welcome to June 2021! Can’t wait to experience Summer days and nights together again. The love and joy of hearing laughter ringing out in a crowd. The wonder of being caressed by that feeling of the summer breezes blowing through our hair. Or maybe just deciding what shape that pretty white cloud in the sky is. Taking time to count the lightning bugs in the evenings. And of course swimming. Jump right in. The water’s fine!

What does the future hold for you? Travel? Romance? A pay upgrade? If I started a sentence with “this month of June I want to ________” How will you finish it? Don’t be shy. Let me hear from you. You can comment by scrolling down below to find the Comment Box!

Let’s dance y’all!

Love, XOXO,

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