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Did You Know?

About 80% of New Year’s Resolutions FAIL in the 1st Month?

But there’s a neat little psychological “trick” that can help you RESET instead!

Monthly, choose the < 1st Day of the Month > as your new “routine’s” kick-off … and if you choose to motivate yourself to a fresh start Weekly choose … MONDAY

I know, I know, Mondays may be the most unloved day of the Week or Month, because for many people it represents a return to “work” after a period of relaxation so it’s gotten stuck in our heads as “ughhhhhh” … but it also got stuck there as “restart”. “Ughhhhhh” and “restart” for some reason didn’t get hooked up – I think because once we get to work and get going we also experience a sense of accomplishment! The hashtag #MondayMotivation trends for a reason!

This RESET trick supports your New Year’s Resolutions throughout the year!


Just grab yourself a calendar that you will actually refer to like a bachelor’s well-worn datebook. It can be one that fits into your purse, or it can be a desk calendar, a wall calendar … for extra motivation make sure it has a cover and/or theme that makes you feel happy when you look at it. Now go through and circle either the 1st of each month or every Monday whichever method you’ve chosen. Now by your circled dates make a MotIvation Reminder. Like what?

You want to make sure you jot down a short reminder that will reinforce habits and actions that can prevent heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and other debilitating chronic health conditions, as well as reshaping your body and beauty style on the outside.

For example – 1 Practice deep breathing for 5 to 8 minutes to combat stress;
2 Recipes for sugar-free low-carb meals; 3 Encouragement to try Intermittent Fasting; 4 – Reminder to actually USE that hydrating super-duper serum you bought…

The 12 Monthly or 52 Weekly Reminders can pull you back on track after diet, beauty, exercise & health goals may have gone unpracticed.

OKAY GUYS n GALS… go grab those calendars and plot your own course. You CAN be a star in your corner of the universe and YOU get to write the script!

1 thought on “TIME FOR A RESET?

  1. Ah, I needed this. I know what to do, I know I can do it; I haven’t started doing it, yet. I will now. Someone hold me accuntable …. pleeeeaasee. Reminder: look at this image :bikini:. twice a day.

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