‘This Is What 70 Looks Like’ The New Generation of Beauty

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Fed up with ageism? The most exciting new voices in beauty influencers are over 60!

Is this still your idea of “older women”?

Today . . . more likely ~


Pictured at 70-years-of-age in 2019 from left to right are Miuccia Bianchi Prada, fashion designer/businesswoman, Dame Anna Wintour, Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Magazine, and Vera Ellen Wang, fashion designer/entrepreneur.

Guess what? It’s a brave new world! If there was ever a great time to be growing older it is now, Jane Fonda was chosen to grace the cover of an ‘ageless special’ supplement of British Vogue at the age of 81. Carolyn Hartz, the lovely lady in our feature photo at the top of this article, is a 70-year-old grandmother-of-four, unafraid to sport that orange bikini!

And it’s not just the Ladies. Look at these well-known Gentlemen 50 +

And How About These Two Hotties —
one 84 and one 90?

When 90 is young, clearly something is going on

Ok, 90 may not be 24 or even 44, but we haven’t even talked about gene therapy or age-reversal science yet. Clearly, all these people take good care of themselves and may have money you may not have to get the best and latest products and/or procedures they choose, but we think much more than that is going on.

You may be skeptical that results like these are available to you. In Carolyn Hartz’s case (the 70-year-old beauty in the orange bikini) when she gave interviews indicating her decision to give up sugar 30 years ago as the main reason she looks this good at 70 she was met with some nasty blowback on social media. She was mocked online by dubious critics who claimed a sugar-free diet couldn’t be her only or even her main “secret” – that she must have had surgery. “Her forehead can’t even move,” one viewer posted to Twitter. “Who is this woman fooling?” another added.

Mocking is bullying. It’s okay to be skeptical. It’s fine to ask for more information or clarification. It’s even alright to express disbelief if it’s done without accusation or labeling. But most people, especially on social media, don’t seem to have the interpersonal skill to disagree without being disagreeable. And many don’t really know how tv journalism and media slanting can cause someone to leave out a well-rounded presentation in favor of time-saving and simplification.

So, Carolyn Hartz is not “hiding” anything, okay? When asked, she readily admits:

  • You have to watch what you put in your mouth, that’s number one
  • You have to move. If you don’t like or can’t afford the gym, do exercises at home, walk.
  • I have had some cosmetic procedure but nothing major. You cannot “surgery” your way into this kind of transformation. I don’t need to defend myself.

And indeed she doesn’t! Carolyn is a former model. She’s always taken good care of herself and is a very pretty woman. Does she have to have been the ugly duckling and did NOTHING else but diet to achieve her look in order to satisfy those who want to make something of a quick media story that doesn’t include every research item to satisfy their “you owe me” attitudes? Apparently, but who needs to listen to those skeptics? I say, “go fall off the edge of your flat worlds!” Do the research. Try the work yourselves. No, you have no intention. It’s easier to build excuses to hide why you look like you do.

So let’s clear this up right now. Recovering from SUGAR ADDICTION will make your life BETTER. VERY BETTER. But if that’s ALL you do it probably won’t make you rich and famous. Ok? Sorry. If you don’t have cosmetic work if you need and can afford it, if you eschew learning how to use makeup and you eat with your elbows on the table and chew with your mouth open, you won’t be one of the Beautiful People. Ok? Sorry. But we don’t have room to put all that detail in this article. Sorry. We kinda thought you might be intelligent enough to figure that out for yourselves.

But for the majority of you that are interested, check into SUGAR ADDICTION and if you think it might be something you’d like to try, join us in our NO-SUGAR CHALLENGE in the Dieting & Exercise section. We issued the Challenge last issue (October 2021 – see Archives on Front Page side column) and have more information for you this month.

Carolyn Hartz began her journey with a diagnosis of pre-diabetes. It scared her. She researched Type 2 diabetes and made the decision to give up sugar. She learned to use xylitol (a sugar substitute) and became interested in sugar-free baking. She wrote a cookbook (The Sweet Life) and founded a company in her home of Perth, Australia. In 2017/18 at 70 years of age her entrepreneurship attracted media to the Bombshell 70-year-old Glam-ma! Good for her! Carolyn is now 73 (turns 74 in July) and is still looking fabulous and still living the Sweet Life.

She joins the growing ranks of people showing us that yesteryear’s concept of aging is being knocked on its keister!

How about you?

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  1. Ummm, I wanna smack the two dudes mucking her. They know there’s no way they’d look that young at 70 and choose to make fun and put down someone who can and does. Yea, pass the cake. There’s no hope for you anyway.

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