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What in the wide world of Politics is going on?

Many Americans are turning on our televisions, keying in on our keyboards, smartphones, etc. and looking at those closest to us while rolling our eyes in disbelief at what we’re seeing and hearing.

It seems as if someone in the Congress of the United States has an idea of turning back the clock of progress. And whoever this he or she was/is has managed to get enough of the others to go along with them that it seems a Twilight Zone episode, starring us, the American people, is playing out.

I don’t know about you, friends, but if I’m going to have a blast-from-the-past that pulls me into participating in it, I’d much prefer it be in the I Love Lucy Show instead of the Twilight Zone. Give me a break! Let me laugh, sing, dance, and love, not get caught up in your desire for civil war in this nation — okay?

To quote Ricky Ricardo “Whaat Happened? There’s some splainin’ to be done!” You bet there is.

The world is watching, history is recording, and our globe is being unpopulated at “warp speed”. I use that term not for all you Trekkies out there but because CNN a few years back said “Isis is moving at warp speed.” Then Mr.Trump’s team seemed to adopt that same phraseology. Any inquiring minds want to know what it means?

We’ll save that explanation for right now and stay on point with this: The past does step on the heels of the present. That’s not fake news. What you do today does affect tomorrow. Sooo… let’s start unmasking the truth. To do that we need to go back to what real journalist used to do. Ask the famous 5! Who? What? Where? When? and Why? We seem to have been infiltrated with saboteurs on both sides of Congress and in the Media who, while posing as concerned zealots there to do what they were elected for, are instead wreaking havoc upon the very fabric of our nation.

How else would or could you explain what we have all witnessed? Donald Trump walks free. Matt Gatez holds his position. While Andrew Cuomo is assigned media phrases like “the disgraced Governor” from in our opinion a sham of an Attorney General investigation.

Meanwhile the Supreme Court does a bewitching midnight-hour gig imitating Pilate washing its hands with “I’m Innocent” while attacking Roe vs Wade.

And it’s kind of like a giant foot has stepped on an ant bed, if you will, and poor little things have been sent running in a frenzy with mass confusion… that’s how we the majority public feel.

ENOUGH! We are not ants. Nor are we disciples of Hitler nor Vladimir Putin. We are Americans. A democratic Republic. And as citizens of the greatest nation on Earth we have rights. Exposure is needed. And Beauty Woman To Woman Magazine is proud to be part of the witness for Truth here in America that is going to stand up in the face of fierce opposition and say ‘you are not my God. You are not the majority and there is separation between Church and State’. You men and women in Congress are educated enough that you should have known and remembered that. But since you have chosen not to, prepare to be schooled. We will come with truth and fact.

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