“It’s about our health, about our loved ones. It’s about our confidence & self-esteem. “

“The proof is in the pudding.” You’ve heard the phrase.

Actually, the original phrase goes, “The proof of the pudding is in the eating.” It meant, actually, that you needed to evaluate the end result before deciding whether or not something is successful.

Well, I’ve evaluated, and I’m here to report: DIETING is NOT successful. Oh my goodness, have you seen all the DIET Books on Amazon? Eat High Protein, Low Carb! No! Read mine and Eat High Carb, Low Fat! Absolutely not, screams another, Paleo Man had it right! It’s enough to make your gut … well, you know.

Ever watched those Biggest Loser shows where grossly overweight contestants battle the bloat like medieval knights guarding the moat? Hey, you had to pull with those precious people – but, guess what? Like lottery winners, most of the ‘winners’ end up losing in the end.

Maybe you’ve been in the Weight Loss wars and discovered, like most of us, that even if you lose ALL the weight you wanted to, the real battle was just beginning. It’s HARDER to not gain it back than it was to lose it! What’s up with that?

Maybe because there was a certain logic at work (less food=cutting supply of calories + exercise=burning stored calories) it all should have worked. In fact, it did work. It just didn’t keep working. People hit plateaus. Pounds crept back up and people had to solemly swear they weren’t cheating. Then figuring they may as well cheat, pounds crept back faster. Most end up weighing more than when they started.

I know. Really ugly. Really!

But, I’m not here to stand on your scale with you and cry.


That’s what I wanna know — and I’ll bet you do, too. Because, weight loss isn’t simply about our looks, although that’s a big factor. It’s about our health, about our loved ones. It’s about our confidence & self-esteem. So, I kept looking. And looking. Everyone had points to make. They all promised weight-loss. Some played up health. Then… I found an author who is a chef and a Celebrity Trainer. I know, roll eyes. Why did I even read the intro to that one? I’ll tell you why. I have diabetes. With complications. And it’s way more “no-fun” than losing 110 pounds and gaining back 120 pounds. And I saw something that caught my eye, because I’d really, really, really like to send Diabetes packing with all it’s insane diet rules, needles and expense, not to mention how it hurts, how it makes me drag (diabetes is a metabolic disease) and my doctors tell me that sooner or later, I will die with it. I’d like to prove them wrong.

What was it I saw?

  • high-fat, no-sugar burn-zone

Low-sugar, No-sugar, Low-glycemic – sure, as a Diabetic I’ve heard –and tried – them all. But, hey, throw in high-fat and you at least have my attention. Are we talking deep-fried Mars Bars, or what? You see, I had to investigate. He’d said, no-sugar. What does that have to do with high-fat? So, I looked closer:

  • use the power of simple intermittent fasting to lose the pounds and keep them off

Intermittant fasting? What’s that? As a Christian, I’m familiar with fasting. You fast. Or, you don’t fast. Ok, you gotta explain this intermittant to me. Then, there it was: (underlines mine)

  • The problem we have today – an epidemic of obesity, metabolic disease, and diabetes—is that we are eating too much, too often, and the foods we are choosing spike insulin. This is what makes you fat.” Jorge Cruise


Yeah, I had to get the book. This guy was nuts – or onto something I, and you, need to know about.

In Beauty Woman to Woman’s Main Menu above, go to Entertainment & Celebs, click on that, then click on the 2nd Item in the drop-down menu, “Books” where you’ll find a Review of the Book by me.

But for now, I’ll share with you that I am currently USING the author’s program and I’ll come back and give you all progress updates. Maybe, if it works, even pictures? Would you like that? Will “mild-mannered” (hah!) Linda Michaela defeat the villain Diabetes? Will she ever look like “Supergirl”?

Would you like to see that? Do you want updates?


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