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You see that cute pair of jean shorts? They look pretty sassy. Be just what you need for the weekend getaway you’re planning, wouldn’t it girlfriend?

But when you get in the dressing room trying them on —— wait. What? They won’t zip up!

You’ve picked up the wrong size. You check the tag again. Uh-oh. No, you didn’t pick up the wrong size. You’ve gained some. Now what?

Only a half month away from the trip, you fret. And yet here in the dressing room, you’re tripping out in a different way. You’ve got to come up with something. Your mind runs through possible solutions. Cancel? No, not an option that you can make yourself accept. Come on body! How can I lose a size —- in fifteen days?


It’s safe. It’s good for you. And it’s something that’s so simple and inexpensive that it gets overlooked. Good ‘ole BW2W. You can’t wait to rush home, get in that Lifestyle section, hurry to click Dieting & Health, and, ahhhh, here it is!

What is it?

The Special K Diet.

That’s right! That delicious tasting breakfast cereal. They have a challenge for you ~

“Drop a jeans size in 2 weeks.”

It sounds too good to be true? But according to the Special K Challenge, you could lose up to 6 pounds in 14 days if you eat cereal or other Special K products for breakfast and lunch, plus a regular dinner! What do you have to lose?

BW2W did a little research for you online and found this info from Healthline

The Special K diet is a 14-day program that involves replacing two meals a day with a bowl of Special K cereal and low-fat milk. You can also snack on whole fruits, vegetables, and portion-controlled Special K bars or shakes a couple of times a day. The third meal of the day can be a regular, balanced meal.

As we all know diets and fads come and go, just as fashion trends do. In the world of beauty and fashion a smart person in the industry will say ‘don’t diss this it’ll make a come back’. We can always update and modify as needed.

So it is now with the Special K diet. If you have an allergy to milk, try substituting almond milk. It’s available in the milk section and my sister loves it! She gets the 30 calorie unsweetened carton and adds a couple of packets of stevia because that sweetens but doesn’t raise her blood sugar! I think this is an excellent, quick way to see if you can meet the challenge. Now be fair. Don’t think, ‘well I can suffer through cereal twice a day and eat like Henrietta Hippo at dinner‘.

Make your dinner normal portions with a protein, vegetables, watch the carbs & sugar, etc. Also, a helpful diet tip: What to do about a chocolate attack? An instant sugar-free chocolate pudding is only 70 calories.

For only fourteen days? Wouldn’t it be worth it if you meet the challenge?


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