The Desire To Be BEAUTIFUL

Good Morning everyone and WELCOME! This is going to be so much fun. I’ve just got a feeling! I think you’ll find my posts here unique and quite different from any of the other beauty blogs you may have visited in the past.

I hope to give you the feeling that you came for a visit to my home. Here, we can share from our hearts some of the things in life that give us cause for concern…and what we can do about it.

Everything from our hair to our faces, figures, minds, and hearts. Because beauty encompasses not only your outward appearance but your inner health and a complex system of strengths and passions.

Now as women we all share a common bond, “the desire to be beautiful”. And why not? From the time we’re born cameras begin to flash The camera is there to catch our first expressions and antics. As we begin to grow we begin to equate that love of those priceless moments in time with our performance to this world of onlookers.

But here with me on Saturday mornings we can slide our shoes off and let our hair down. We can enjoy a cup of hot coffee together and discuss how powerful beauty really is!

And in the game between a man and woman, it’s one of our most potent weapons. Just as on the opposite side, the male will use his looks, charm, billfold and find words you didn’t know were in his vocabulary when he wants to have his ego built and use you for his armpiece.

Well, there’s the old saying: “All is fair in love and war”. And in the wonderful world of romance and flirtation between men and women, there’s an art to becoming an awesome twosome. And remaining a power couple happily ever after.

Now let us be smart ladies. Are we going to play by their rules? Or are we going to say I’m capable of laying down my own rules? So – deal me in, buddy.

My blog here is designed to help us all. In the workplace, in politics, and in our personal lives.

Beauty can be manifested in many ways: verbal, written, allegorical ~ and when you set it to music? Ooo la lah!

That reminds me. There was a song titled Woman to Woman. Tammy Wynette sang it and made some vital points in it. My blog is also a follow up to it and to some of the things it didn’t say.

So, I’ll tell you what. Why don’t you get yourself a good hot cup of coffee and for just a moment switch back to Home in the Menu just below the Header Image above this post. Once the Home Page opens, scroll all the way to the bottom Footer. In the middle column I’ve placed Tammy Wynettes video. I know this sounds like a lot of steps and you will have to leave this little heart-to-heart chat for a short period but it’s going to be so worth your time. Please listen carefully to the song’s message, then rejoin me here and we’ll really get into sharing as friends, not just colleagues.

YOU BACK WITH ME? Great. Now whatever your taste in music is, I believe those words can be applied to us all. Whether your personal status is single, married, divorced or whatever — at some time or another, most every one of us has been confronted – or will be – with the “OTHER WOMAN” vying for our man’s attention. I heard Tammy once give an interview and she not only sung that song, she lived it. She had been married to GEORGE JONES. A very popular country singer as well. But she ended up divorced from him and dragging her 3 children around with her while she tried to secure herself as a woman who could make it on her own. It was very difficult back in the day. And still is today if your heart is breaking. It doesn’t matter what year it is, it hurts!

And with this situation of the “Other Woman” begs the question. How do you handle it? How do you keep from caving in and letting yourself go to pot? Well, it depends on the details. But not by putting your nose to the grindstone, but by being prepared with a list of options available to you that you will find listed here next week. As our topic will be the “Other Woman”.

See you next week…

2 thoughts on “The Desire To Be BEAUTIFUL

  1. Hey Betty! 💜

    I love your blog and look forward to your posts on Saturdays. It’s nice to just sit and chill with ☕️ and catch up! Love it! Keep at it my friend. Love you! 😘💗💞


    1. Hey Tammy, Hope you can see the blog this morning Titled The Other Woman dated May 18, 2019. It SHOULD appear under BLOG in the menu and it does on my computer. On my sister’s computer -nope. We’re going back and forth with the Hosting company. They keep giving us a file that they say should work – but of course it doesn’t. We will get it worked out. Thanks for yours and everyone’s patience. (I’m going to NEED tons of that Avon Wrinkle cream – ya’ll better buy up before I wipe it out!)

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