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In the month of July? We Americans party! From celebrating Independence Day to having an attitude of “it’s too hot to work, so let’s play!”

I’m proud to say that BW2W has some online visitors coming from as far away as China and Ireland. We welcome you all! And as the rest of the world plus you scan our banners & headlines about gun violence, and the January 6th Committee Hearings it must seem that we’re out of control and unraveling as a nation.

Let me assure you and clue you in on a little secret. Baseball isn’t still our number one pastime. I’m sure you’ve seen (or heard) about the bravery of the Ukrainians in defending their homeland from an unprovoked Russian invasion. We’re doing the same thing here in America now. From coast to coast concerned citizens under President Joe Biden are standing up against a strong coalition of Russian dominance combined with white supremacy, fake Christianity, and far-left soothsayers. We’re in a battle for the soul of our nation AND WE ARE WINNING. This government which was based on Judeo-Christian beliefs is still “of, for, and by the people.” WE ARE NOT THE CHRISTIAN RIGHT. But we are right Christians, Jews, Muslims, yes a few atheists and other worshippers. We don’t say Religion rules Government or that Government dictates religion but we do say LOVE and FAITH respect all when we respect Love and Faith.

Americans are strong, opinionated, as well as very innovative people. Our nation is only 246 years old. We’ve survived a civil war, two world wars, other conflicts, a Depression, and two pandemics.

We’ve endured through those times when life seemed to hold more stress and heartaches than blessings. Life is all about challenges and choices.

Yes, we can be very vocal and angry as well as hopeful and loving. We didn’t become a nation without having a fighting mentality, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. It took that to become a free nation and it will take that to remain a free nation. Freedom costs. It costs lives. Here and abroad. But it is so worth it.

As we sift out the infiltrators and propagandists from seats of authority that crept in under some years of neglect on our part; we’re renewing our respectability here and around the globe. We’re also still finding time to express ourselves and are enjoying our beautiful land.

From our national parks to our oceans, entertainment, and sports. Our families believe in joy. And that there are good times and things in life worth fighting for.

One of our famous singers and actresses Reba McEntire put it this way: ”To thrive in life you need three bones. A wishbone. A funny bone. And a backbone!”

Your editor here possesses those three things. As do so many of my fellow Americans. My wish is that everyone could know the joy of a beautiful summer breeze on a smoldering hot afternoon looking out at our parks, our cities, our farms, our seas.

A slice of ripe watermelon enjoyed on your own front porch. And that special kiss from that special someone. Life is still good in America. Pass it on. And always stay beautiful,

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