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If you struggle with personal finance, you’re in the

majority. The average American has $5,700 in credit

card debt and less than $1,000 in savings. You no

longer have to feel frustrated, defeated and alone.

It’s time to tackle your fears head-on and achieve the

life you never thought possible.

Have You Ever Thought About Money as a TOOL?

Most people will tell you that Step 1 is to “Set GOALS”.

‘Okay’, say most of you. “My GOAL is to get Rich or even more simply to get Money.”

But I’m here to tell you that Money is a TOOL and not a goal. Trying to make it a goal has derailed many from achieving what they actually want: freedom.

So we don’t make financial goals? I didn’t say that. Let me ask you …

What does success mean to you?

Think for a moment about what financial success means to you. Isn’t a lot of it about what money can buy for you, maybe even the dream of not working so much or so hard and still not sleeping on the park bench?

Take a few minutes now to list some of your goals and dreams, both long- and short-term. You might think this a silly, time-wasting exercise. But dream a little. What do you want to be, (if you’re 64, ok, when you’re 84?) to do, to call your own? Then estimate how much you think each one would cost (some will be easier to guess at than others, and some will have no financial cost – just do your best.

My Goals and Dreams

I want to be: ____________________Estimated Cost: $_____

I want to be: ____________________Estimated Cost: $_____

I want to be: ____________________Estimated Cost: $_____

I want to be: ____________________Estimated Cost: $_____

I want to be: ____________________Estimated Cost: $_____

I want to be: ____________________Estimated Cost: $_____

I want to do: ____________________Estimated Cost: $_____

I want to do: ____________________Estimated Cost: $_____

I want to do: ____________________Estimated Cost: $_____

I want to do: ____________________Estimated Cost: $_____

I want to do: ____________________Estimated Cost: $_____

I want to do: ____________________Estimated Cost: $_____

I want to own: __________________Estimated Cost: $_____

I want to own: __________________Estimated Cost: $_____

I want to own: __________________Estimated Cost: $_____

I want to own: __________________Estimated Cost: $_____

I want to own: __________________Estimated Cost: $_____

I want to own: __________________Estimated Cost: $_____

Thinking of money in this way starts getting you in the mindset of money being a tool to help you build a specific dream. And you know something? Chances are you’ll meet a bunch of your goals even if you keep thinking of money as a goal – or even a toy that you toss around and play games where sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. All of that said, if you do learn the basics of your money with BW2W, you’ll likely reach more of them—perhaps even all of them. Without robbing any banks, without saving and overpolishing every penny you ever get your hands on, without sacrificing joy, you can finance the dreams that need financing. If you get started now. Would you like that? I’d like that. Let’s play “Money”.

I want you to love learning to use money as a tool to build your wealth, lasting wealth, wealth to accomplish your real goal of FREEDOM.

Like those Scottish lads, many of you have been choosing to run … some of you don’t have enough money, spend too much money, don’t make enough money to cover what you spent, take on too much debt, and couldn’t spot an investment if it spits in your face. Others of you know exactly what to do, but you don’t do it and you don’t really know why. The financial education of most people is lacking. To tell what I know and believe about the use of money will take more than this one post, and even this series. But I’ll tell you what we can do about that a little later. But what I want to share in this series is that rather than settling for the sole pursuit of money, together we’re going to pursue money to enhance the rest of your life and the world around you. There’s a big difference between the two—a difference that makes all the difference.

Feeling a little more hopeful? Look I know we’re just coming through a health and financial crisis. I know that many of you feel your money train has been derailed. Some of you have faced the real loss of loved ones, of jobs, of goals you’re not sure can be recovered. And you’re going to have to keep putting a financial foot in front of the other, regardless. You still have yourself and hopefully loved ones you’re to take care of. The needs and bills don’t stop.

There Are Only Four Ways to Build Wealth

Yep. Only four.

Every imaginable way you can think of to build wealth can be boiled down into one or more of these four areas.

Let’s skim the surface of each.

I’ll write a post on this later. If you MUST know now, shoot me a DM and we can talk.

Hey, Mika! How WOULD I ... ?

Earn more money.

If you have one source of money, you are doing it wrong. You are doing it wrong because you are trusting that your employer will keep paying you.

One day they won’t pay you anymore.

Let’s do your future self a favor and figure out another way(s) for you to get money.

There’s a famous quote:
“The average millionaire has seven sources of income.” That is probably pretty true.

Spend less money


This does not mean stressing over every penny, either. In fact, there is an entire philosophy around what is the best way to cut expenses, which I will cover in this series. The basics are, that this means getting you to the point where you can stop paying for money you haven’t earned (credit cards). Credit is meant for convenience, safety and investing. Yes, I’ll explain that.

Pay off debt

When you are finally earning more than you spend, you’ll now have excess income to apply in other areas. This is where we want you to be.

Like … What “other areas”?

As my favorite author loves to say “RAFO” (read and find out). You gotta stay with this series. Even better yet, I hope you filled out that DM above!

Pay Off Debt

The price of money (interest) is too expensive to do anything but earn it, not spend it. Debt is a term meaning that you are spending the price of money, not earning it.

There are many strategies to paying down debt. We’ll find your best one in this series.


The 4th step in building wealth is to invest. This means putting your money into something in the hopes that it will earn interest and become more valuable, thus growing your money.

This is the method the stock market was built on. There are tens of thousands of different ways you can invest money.

Until you know what you are doing, don’t mess with any of the power brokers of Wallstreet. They will make sure they stay rich and you never get there.

Depending on how much time, $, & tolerance for risk you have, START with something easy, simple, and effective. Low-cost index funds are all three. Mutal funds are an option. Go for boring and safe while you learn.

These 4 steps are the absolute basics. There is so much more. Keep getting BW2W each month and don’t forget to DM me.

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