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So, we have arrived. 2022! Remember Aretha Franklin’s song “Respect”?

Hit the white arrow & enjoy! For me, it sets the perfect tone for this New Year.

Those all-important words:
“What you want? Baby, I’ve got it! All I’m asking for is a little respect.”

I listened ‘respectfully’ to others’ thoughts as 2021 was ending. Some, with despair, were saying, “I don’t care to celebrate. I’m not going to make any resolutions this time. It’s just another day.” And then another group, with bravado, as if taunting the new year to come will make it bow to their words: “we made it through 2021~ good riddance! 2022 will be better! Break out the bottle. Let’s get smashed.” How sad for both groups.

I, as a woman who believes in God, say let’s trust Him and have faith for His remnant of true believers. I find myself truly looking forward to this year. I celebrated New Year’s Eve with a heart full of wishes for all of us here on planet Earth. And I purposed that I can use the voice that I have been given to help others find their way.

For those of you reading this and wondering what were the top New Year’s Resolutions for 2022?

The main three still ring in each year that comes.

  1. Weight / Better Health
  2. Better Organization / Improved Finances
  3. Better Relationships ~ especially Family & Romance

Most everyone starts off with goals in one of those categories. The trouble that always seems to disrupt everyone’s progress, though, is the belief that if you make a mistake or can’t achieve your goal during the first few weeks into the New Year then it’s ‘throw-up-your-hands’ time and time to give up altogether.

C’mon now! Let’s be reasonable. There are going to be ups and downs. Things happen that affect your mood and attitude. That’s just real life. If you really want to have that better lifestyle and to be truly happy? It starts with you. Don’t shuffle back and forth between the extremes of
“I can do it all” then back to “I can’t do any of it”.

BW2W recommends ~ Let 2022 be the year you lighten up. Respect yourself enough to be truthful and gentle not only with yourself but with others as well.

There may be things you’ll want and need to change in order to move your life forward so that you actually feel better and are better. You know what? I believe you can do it! We’ve got 365 days (more or less, depending on when you read this) of opportunities.

Let’s go get it!

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