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Watch this space for special announcements and upcoming attractions. 

Like for today, I want to ask for your help and for your patience.  This is my LAUNCH issue and I’ll be adding and tweaking things from week-to-week and I’m depending on you to give me feedback.  What do you like?  What do you not like about the site? 

What would you like to see?  Complete my survey below and watch for what you asked for later.  (Hey, you’ve got your reasons and I’ve got your back

In the Comment Section just after the Survey simply jot down your best answer to each question.  For example for Question 1 you might put 1-A, and for Question 2 put 2-D and Question 3 select 3-A and so forth.  Especially don’t forget Question 7 allows you to comment in your own words.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR PARTICIPATION.  I want this to be a great site for you!

Reader Survey

#1. How well does my website speak to your interests?

1-A Extremely well; 1-B Very well; 1-C Okay; 1-D Not much; 1-E Not at all

#2. Is my website what you are looking for or could be?

2-A Spot on!; 2-B Ummm?; 2-C Maybe; 2-D Where’s Waldo?; 2-E Nahhhh!

#3. How visually attractive is my website to you?

3-A Extremely attractive; 3-B Attractive; 3-C Average; 3-D Ugly

#4. How easy is it to understand how to navigate my website?

4-A Really easy!; 4-B I found it! 4-C Where am I? 4-D Where’s Waldo?

#5. How much do you trust the information on my website?

5-A No doubt!; 5-B A lot; 5-C You mean well; 5-D A little; 5-E YOU LIE!

#6. Will you recommend my website to your friends and colleagues?

Give a # 1 to 10 . with 1 being NEVER! and 10 being EXTREMELY LIKELY

#7. Add any other comments about how I can improve my website for your instruction and entertainment.

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