Learning the Duties and Skills Required: Meet Betty Ann of Beauty Woman to Woman Magazine.

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When you think of the publishing process at a magazine, you may picture a room full of writers, editors, designers, and art directors—or it may be a small team, maybe only 4, 3, or 2 … all talented people who fill multi-roles. —But who is leading them? In the world of print and digital publishing, there’s one person who serves as the head of the publication: the Editor-in-Chief.

What Is an Editor-in-Chief?

Upon telling others “I am an editor for…”, there tends to be a variety of reactions. Some nod their head and say, “Awesome!” without actually knowing the exact roles an editor holds. Others wonder how much work and time I put into my role.

When I first really seriously began Beauty Woman to Woman as a sort of balloon to see if anyone would even be interested in 2020, then seriously began to put it together as a magazine, not just a casual blog in 2021, and now as a serious publication… a Magazine in 2022 going all out putting together a corporate structure, getting its own tax id – the works … whew! I remember that my first question was: What am I? How do I do this? I have things to say and to present and readers sure seem interested but you can’t just jump online and start opining! It matters how you do what you do, so… I invite you to go up and away with me in my beautiful balloon …

The editor-in-chief is the manager of any print or digital publication, from physical newspapers to online magazines. The editor-in-chief determines the look and feel of the publication, has the final say in what is published and what isn’t, and leads the publication’s editorship, copyeditors, and writers. In a small effort, like Beauty Woman to Woman Magazine, the editor-in-chief may also be the sole proprietor who puts together the organizational structure behind the actual production.

In addition to the job title “editor-in-chief,” there are many different names for the head of a publication, including lead editor, chief editor, and executive editor. In many cases, these titles are synonymous with editor-in-chief; in situations where a publication has both an editor-in-chief and a role like managing editor or executive editor, the editor-in-chief is always the highest position.

But What Do I DO Here For You besides writing our original fiction feature ROMANTIC HEARTBEATS – the exciting adventures of Deb & Mark?

I do a lot of the writing besides the Deb and Mark story, As editor-in-chief I am responsible for co-ordinating the planning and approve layouts… I serve as the leader of our publication. As such, I have a wide range of responsibilities to ensure the smooth operation of our magazine.

  • Determine publishing guidelines. An editor-in-chief is responsible for determining the tone and scope of the publication. I ensure that topics are appropriate for the publication and that the “voice” is consistent.
  • Create an editorial board. An editorial board is an outline of the digital monthly schedule of Beauty Woman to Woman Magazine. I’m responsible for mapping out the content and ensuring it is consistent with the publication’s scope (while varied enough to not become monotonous).
  • Review content. I review the content of each issue and makes sure it is free of copy errors or inappropriate content (for example, libel). I then delegate writing and editorial duties to be managed, & finally do a final review of the monthly issue to ensure the content is up to the publication’s standards. I stay very involved in the editing and writing process and will review the publication multiple times, even engaging in copyediting, before the final review.
  • Write editorials. As editor-in-chief I contribute written pieces to the publication as messages from the editor—either as full articles or as introductory editorial pieces that serve as a prologue to the issue’s content.
  • Manage the budget. Ugh, that! Yes, as editor-in-chief I have to manage our budget and determine where incoming money will be best used. This means I have to choose how we allocate resources to increase marketing efforts to be more competitive, pay for the production costs and business expenses, and so on.
  • Represent the publication. MY editor-in-chief’s duties aren’t always behind the computer—I am the face of Beauty Woman to Woman Magazine, and so I’m responsible for representing it at business conferences and on social media. Public relations is a vital part of marketing and fundraising for the publication.

Skills I Needed to Develop

Editor-in-chief is not an entry-level position! I had no idea what I’d bitten off. There are several skills and qualifications that can only be earned and learned over the course of intensive work in journalism in order to be a strong entrepreneur in a startup like this.

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