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IDEE FIXE de sur Hunter Biden

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IDÉE FIXE (French: “fixed idea”) A term used in psychology to refer to an irrational obsession that so dominates an individual’s thoughts as to determine his or her actions.

IDÉE FIXE de sur Hunter Biden (French) Fixed Idea About Hunter Biden.

How dumb is Donald Trump, Jr.?
On Glenn Beck’s radio show Junior once lobbed a slur claiming that “crackhead Hunter has now a tie, a direct tie to Vladimir Putin.” 
Poor kid can’t tell Hunter Biden from his father.

Psychologists know that people often project their own guilt onto someone else. Junior is the one who infamously met with Kremlin-connected Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya in June 2016. Remember that?

But Junior just can’t stop talking about Hunter. Junior is furious. Junior is fragile. Junior is a political contortionist trying to secure his place in a family and party that has shifted under his feet.

Don, Jr. has five children, enormous wealth, two bestselling books, and millions of Twitter followers. None of that stops him from whining about having been wronged by the media and wronged by society and wronged by, apparently, his archnemesis Hunter Biden.

Attended private school.
Trump was educated at Buckley School and The Hill School, a college preparatory boarding school followed by the University of Pennsylvania’s (Penn) Wharton School.

Attended private school.
Biden was educated at Archmere Academy, a Catholic high school, followed by Georgetown University.

Powerful father: Donald Trump, Sr.

Powerful father: Joseph R. Biden

Sporty and attractive kid who had many advantages due to his proximity to power.

Sporty and attractive kid who had many advantages due to his proximity to power.

After college, moved to Aspen and became a ski bum.

Took out student loans to cover his university costs. Worked odd jobs—parking cars at events and unloading sixty-pound boxes of frozen beef—to help pay for his room and board.

After graduating from Wharton, Junior moved to Aspen, Colarado where he chose to ski, hunt and fish. It wasn’t until 2001 that he returned to New York, and took a full-time position in the Trump Organization, his father’s business.

In his memoir, Beautiful Things, Hunter Biden challenged Trump’s children to ‘get a job’ without using their family name. ” I’ve worked for someone other than my father, rose and fell on my own” Hunter said. “My response has always been to work harder so that my accomplishments stand on their own.”

This April, yes 2022. Don, Jr. is at it again. Right? Kind of creepy, isn’t it? But here’s the April 2022 headline in Vanity Fair:


Junior failed to mention the many millions the Secret Service spent protecting his family, including at their for-profit properties where the money went back into their pockets.

Is anyone else getting tired of the lying whines? The recurring theme of the last couple of years has been that of Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump castigating Hunter Biden for behavior they themselves regularly engage in.

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