I Mean Business

Good morning, Thank you all for coming.

This morning’s going to be a little bit different for us. Don’t worry, nothing’s wrong. Get you a cup of coffee. Oh, & there’s some doughnuts for those of you who aren’t dieting.

Ok, everybody ready? Let’s talk about what a woman wants & needs. Quick! What just shot into your mind? Gasp… besides that! Stop it. I declare y’all are, the, I’ll just say, laughingness bunch of people I’ve ever known. C’mon now, work with me. I’m serious.

Alright, let me put it to you like this. A woman wants & needs ‘security’! And I mean that in every way. Whether you’re living married or going it on your own. You want to know that, ‘hey, I can eat & have a roof over me’, don’t you? Or, God forbid, if something bad happens health-wise? Or the economy starts to growl bearishly? For those credit cards, school loans, & everything else that comes due each month or for things that you want; you need a way to make it and keep it!

So even though it’s Saturday let’s discuss being entrepreneurs. Most of my Facebook friends at present are women who work in Avon. But there are also ones like Therese, for example, who is working a full-time job & also working Thrive on the side, online. Many of us are working two or three things to “make it”.

But you know how when you’re working online & your computer quits cooperating with you & just keeps spinning instead of opening the site you keyed up? Yeah, I hear those groans. But you know what? Doesn’t it feel like that’s where most of you are right now? You’re spinning. Working your rear ends off, tired, disappointed & yet saying, what else can I do?

Now I’m not thinking myself so smart, or that I’m above you. I know how hard it is. But it was hard for the ones before us & they cleared a path & made their way. Look, we have at our fingertips a keyboard that can open up doors to places that our parents never dreamed possible.

I made the decision about a year and a half ago to write & to become an Avon Rep. And I meant business! Even though I knew it would be difficult. That it would mean turn downs, & put offs. Promises made to me & broken. A little pay & no pay. And like I said about y’all. Yeah, baby, I’ve been working my rear end off, too.

And at times feeling that I’m just spinning. Am I sorry? No. Am I tired? Yes, very. Some weeks like this past one are very draining. It was hot, deadlines to be met, when I would sit down to write it seemed the words wouldn’t come & I could go on but that too would be spinning. I’m sure you could have shared things with me also just like that. But online we choose to say instead, a simple good morning, have a great day. Like we always do. Because you fear exposing to the public your private emotions & personal things. Rightfully so. Business online isn’t to be toyed with.

You all know how we’re taught by so-called successful people; don’t discuss religion, politics, or real family matters in order to keep the peace and to not alienate potential clients. But I say, poppycock. I have an opinion. I value it. And if someone disagrees with me? I’m fine with that. We can reason together. But I’m determined & intent on being a successful business & real woman. Which is going to require skill and bravery. And on my journey I intend to keep my self-respect. My goal is full of value & the desire to help others. Because of my values, like many of you, I also need to balance a personal life along with it. And in sizing things up from what y’all say in your posts online & privately with me, that’s the way you feel too. Any suggestions as to how? Anybody? Ok…I started this conversation so I’ll go ahead & own it this morning.

Wake up! Look around you. Think about what your business means to you. Some of you, maybe you just need a little money on the side for personals & something to fill your time. Others are thinking, I want out of Avon because I don’t want to buy & sell it online. Too much to learn & put up with. But ladies, the reality is, whether you’re in Avon or any other kind of job; you’re going to need to know how to work online. And hear me now, if you don’t want to just work online, but want to have your own online business; there is a vast difference between those two things. Think about it & make sure what you do want and need. The old ways of doing things are being shut down & forced out. Future business opportunities that will pay a livable salary will require you to have computer savvy. And it’ll be mandatory in order to get & give information, pay bills, obtain records, etc.

So my advice is to invest in yourself, take the time to learn. And verify what you’re learning. Be well-read & keep up with what’s going on in your community & country. The internet involves the whole world. Four major things to do. Don’t be deceived in business, friend, romantic relationships and especially by so-called spiritual leaders. Make sure you put your faith in God and not just in a pastor. Preacher religion in this country has been and is getting people put to death. Spiritually & physically. If everybody loved & were obeying God like they claim they do, things wouldn’t be happening like they are. Put your ‘hope’ in Him, too! Not just in a magic amount of dollars. Then make up your mind what it is that you want in your household & heart & go after it.

Think back when you couldn’t wait to turn sixteen. How you felt. Exciting wasn’t it? You were going to grow up and show this world something. A driver’s license! Sweetheart dancing queen. Oh, and that special dress that caught that guy’s eye. Yeah, you can remember that feeling, then channel that vibe into your heart & corporate world now.

You’ve got two feet. Put on your heels. Be willing to stand up for what you believe. And tell this world one more time, “I’m here. I’m a businesswoman and a leader. I know how to get things accomplished. I sacrificed and did it for my family throughout the years. And now, I’m for creating a better world for myself as well as everyone else. I’m a contender & a winner. And I mean business.”

Say it & believe it. I’ll be praying & looking forward to our days ahead.

Now, it is Saturday ya’ll. Let’s go shopping. I want a new business suit to go with my I can-do-anything-attitude! How about ya’ll? @End.

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