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n America, April is one of the most beautiful months of the year. It’s a time of reawakening. Rebirth. Renewal of things. And for myself, it’s also looking back at some very poignant family times. Times that I’ll always cherish.

Growing up in Atlanta, Georgia, Easter was always a get-all-excited-about-it event in our home. We were a Christian family. so there were church services filled with praise for God. Plus … Plays, Easter Egg Hunts, Picnics. And my mother saw to it that we girls would be shopping for that just right outfit to wear. Of all the Sundays in a year to dress? This was to be your very best. As close to the Fifth Avenue New York “look” as we could afford to wear.

And dahlings, your outfit wasn’t complete unless you had your Easter bonnet. Or – as I grew – the “that’s-the-one-I-got-to-have-it hat.” I took such pride in it too. You see I thought I was really grown up at age twelve with one of those beauties on my head. One that I remember was white with a cluster of pastel spring flowers on the side of it. For me it was an instant morale and confidence booster. I wanted to wear hats at other times besides Easter. But alas hats weren’t the “in thing to wear” . Unless it was a formal wedding event etc., you were considered overdressed. At least in my social circle.

However, Princess Diana who touched so many peoples hearts over the globe made wearing a hat popular again, especially in Britain, America, etc. She had an incredible impact on the Fashion world. She seems to have awakened some inner urge inside of women to want to do something glamorous for themselves. We all wanted to share in the Cinderella fairy tale 👠 . That’s really what wearing a hat is all about.: The way it makes you feel.

So now? I say this is 2022 and I agree with Shakespeare that ‘all the world‘s a stage’. I love to feel beautiful because when I feel it, I actually look more beautiful. I’ll be wearing my Sunday best on April 17th.

Hat? But of course, dahlings! Giggle

Our world is in need of love. ❤️
Please pray, praise, and be blessed,

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