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One in five men say they now use make-up, according to a survey done for grooming brand Wahl.

So, who’s slapping it on? Millennial men aged 25-34 are the age group that tends to use it most (39%). That’s more than a third of guys on the street.

Cosmetic brands have been quick to jump on the growing trend, part of a grooming industry worth $57.7billon (£43.6bn) three years ago and expected to top $78.6billion (£59.5bn) by 2023.

Boy de Chanel and Tom Ford for Men are two recent designer launches that are flying off the shelves and into men’s weekend bags and office drawers, but budget options are increasingly available too.

Men In the upper echelon not only work hard for their money, they know that looking good will help them keep their money. The better your outward appearance the more likely you will be called upon by your superiors to represent your position, company, and products.

Now you can go easy peasy with a tan and some makeup to enhance what you were gifted by nature. Or maybe you’re the kind of dude that says, ‘I’m too busy and not going to mess with that kind of a daily grind’.

BW2W gets it. So we wanted to let you know that you can get a permanent makeover if you’d like. Check out the videos below.

Let’s Talk About Men’s Makeup

Aaron Marino Great Info but rated for Language

Should I Get Permanent Makeup?

Christopher Hopkins on Microblading

Any make-up artist will preach that skincare is paramount if you want to achieve seamless ‘Dude! Are-you-really-wearing-make-up?’ make-up. Before you even start investing in products, consider upping your skincare game. The better the complexion, the less make-up you’ll actually need and the more natural and real the results.

Head on over to read about a Male Experience that will make you look as sexually appealing as you feel!

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