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You don’t know where to start? Alright. Calm your nerves. Beauty Woman to Woman Magazine recommends you check out these two sites to get your travel feet itching!

www.ItsADrama.com (Liz and Brian)

www.soyouwannatravel.net (Megan)

Maybe you’re not yet experienced and you find it so hard knowing where to go, what’s affordable, what’s good for backpackers, or upscale budgets?Restrictions because of covid. Where to go? What to do? What do you need?

Whether you want to see . . .



or Greenland

There Are Things You’re Going to Need… Take a look at this list courtesy of Liz from ItsADrama.com

So … check out these sites and other Travel Blogs and PACK THOSE BAGS… it’s 2023 and You’re Going Places!

2 thoughts on “GOING PLACES IN 2023?

  1. Tammy, don’t feel like you’re the only one with that dilemma. Quite often families have that problem about travel plans. A job, or pets, obligations to others, the cost etc. BUT with love and tactfulness travel plans can get worked out. As you know your desire to see Hawaii paid off! โ›ดSo gear up for Beverly Hills in your future. :sunglasses::nail_care::lipstick:Put some feelers out there with other relatives and friends that may have that same dream.:dizzy: With social media you can easily stay in touch with your husband 24/7 if he elects to stay home. โœˆ

  2. Thank you for that informative travel check list Betty!!
    :two_hearts::thumbsup: I so wish my hubby was more into traveling. :kissing:

    I would absolutely love to go to Beverly Hills!!! :sparkling_heart::lipstick:

    Tammy Embrich

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