Gerard Butler: 5 Lessons of Seduction for Men & Women

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1. Use your intelligence to your advantage – (The Ugly Truth)

Fear not. Show what you feel. Let your romantic side out, with imagination, as “Mike Chadway”, played by Butler, does in The Ugly Truth. Nothing is as attractive as intelligence, especially when you use it for something interesting to the one you’re interested in. A creative mind can be your infallible weapon of seduction.

2. Be thorough – (PS I Love You)

Try to be observant and give particular importance to small things or situations. Focus on appearance, tastes, and interests, even personal achievements. Potential conquests are impressed and attracted to the one who can notice all these details. Something like “Jerry Kennedy”, played by Butler in the romantic drama PS I Love You. Needless to say, he is the lover that even after death continues tending desired details in the life of his girl. NEVER fall asleep on the job!

3. Share your adventurous side – (Chasing Mavericks)

There is an almost instant attraction to men & women who like to do extreme, dangerous, and/or unusual things. Do not repress your adventurous side whether male or female! Like “Frosty Hesson” played by Butler in Chasing Mavericks grab your surfboard and aviéntate to hunt for the big wave of your life. Showoff “you” as safe and confident but fun with a touch of wild, without touching the limits of arrogance.

4. Security – (300)

Bring out your inner “King Leonidas” played by Butler in 300 and conquer the girl of your dreams. And once you succeed, take care of her as if she were Sparta herself. Women really like men with conviction. They make them feel safe. Men who know what they want and fight for it; not just boast of his achievements. Men who feel good about themselves, always looking for new challenges and personal projects.

5. Be unpredictable – (The Bounty Hunter)

No need to be a bounty hunter, but if there is something you can learn from “Milo Boyd” played by Butler in The Bounty Hunter, is his amazing ability to always stay one step ahead. An independent and self-sufficient person will always appeal. Trying to show up as always indomitable and inevitably someone will put you in a position where you cannot control or predict your next move. So, remember, this mainly works at the beginning. But if your plans are long-term it’s a great strategy to keep as many moves ahead as possible.

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2 thoughts on “Gerard Butler: 5 Lessons of Seduction for Men & Women

  1. Ah, the man hilself. It’s not easy to choose a favorite from the roles Gerry Butler has plaied, but if I was to choose one, … ok, if I was to chose two, since one seems impossible, it will be 300 Hundred and PS: I love you. I just realized how different the two roles are, and at the same time how simillar. 300 Hundred brings out the warrior and the clountry lover in him. In PS: I love you, Butler is still a warrior and also a lover – his mission being remaining in his love’s heart and mind long after he passes.

    Who else can share their favorite film or role that Gerry plaid? Come on, don’t be shy. :star_struck:.

    1. Alright, not fair to Dear Frankie, is it? If you haven’t seen Dear Frankie, set aside everything else and watch it. Heart melting. Yep, the tough warrior will melt your heart. Question: DO you love Gerard Butler? Yes? Excellent. How much? Watched Greenland? – that’s how much. You haven’t watched Greenland? Tts, tts.

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