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et us welcome February and take every opportunity we can to show love to all we meet.


With an open heart…

Your time is too valuable for self-doubts, the blues, and worries.

Clear the way for learning new things that attract your interest. Surround yourself with positive upbeat people. We all can use more laughter and love in our daily lives.

The 14th of this month is Valentine’s Day!

For many, this can be like riding an emotional rollercoaster. Tap into your inner voice. What’s your desire for this special occasion? PSSSST ~ Truth be told… Even if you don’t at the present time, have a romantic interest? Still, you can make this an ooh-la-la time for yourself. By hugging a friend, a relative, or a pet. (Love comes in many ways)

Treat yourself to something delightful and special on Valentine’s Day! Anything from a special tasty dessert to a hot soak in a rose-scented tub.

Maybe you’d like to escape into a good book, movie, or here at BW2W where we’re working hard to cover life’s happenings with a perspective that embraces good not evil. Remember you can leave comments at the bottom of any of our articles. Share what’s in your heart about what you see here. Or what you’d like to see.

But above all be kind to yourself as well as others is the key. Not only on the 14th but each day you’re

given. Life is a precious gift. Enjoy it.

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