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Good news for those of you who are wanting to reduce. There’s an easier way than the majority of the population thinks. A study has recently shown that by making simple changes to your daily routine you can lose weight.

Try This

Make a list. No, not a grocery list. But a list of your daily routine. What you eat and drink. And your daily activities. Most of us are creatures of habit. For instance ~ in your morning coffee, do you put in 2 spoons of sugar? Drink 2 cups at home and another 1 at work? Do you have a dessert every night? Or snack absent-mindedly while watching television or reading?

These are just a few examples but enough for you to see why we’re suggesting that you make a list of your daily routine for 7 days.


Take it down a notch on what goes in your body! With one exception ~WATER That two spoons of sugar can become one. Seven desserts a week can easily be cut to three, then one. The same guide for what you eat. A little mind-game with yourself. Don’t say “I can’t have any of this or that because I’m on a diet.” Just take a portion. Not two large slices of cake if that’s what you’re doing at night.


Activity doesn’t just suggest to others you have a life. It means you do. Simple pleasures such as walking, gardening, golf, swimming, etc. all count. And when shared with a friend or loved one can be such enjoyable times together.


Look at yourself honestly. Be sensible with how to reshape your attitudes and body. Make healthier choices. Whether by disease or neglect, most of the population needs a healing RX for the damage that we’ve done to ourselves. Beauty and good health are the results of making the right choices in life. It’s never too late. Let’s go for it.

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