“Sugar and spice and everything nice…”

Good morning, Was it fireworks on your 4th? Which kind? Doesn’t matter. It’s time to shift gears!

The coffee is piping hot this morning as it should be! How you doing? Are you enjoying the longer than normal weekend? Or are you feeling like, ‘yeah, it was fun. But I’m too hot! The kids are beginning to get on my nerves & if he thinks that he is just going to lie around the house again all day, losing himself in those stupid games he plays… well, he’d better think again.’

I’ve heard your echos. This is a second cup morning for a lot of people, I know. So, why don’t you slide your shoes off for a few minutes. Take a deep breath. I’ll put on some relaxing music & let’s get down to the nitty gritty of what’s really wrong.

I think I can pretty well sum it up in a word. “Time”! You’re feeling the pressure because yes your family just had a good time, but? But was it worth it? It cost a little more than you thought it would. And now not only are you tired of the planning & work of it all, you feel the swiftness of the months ahead rushing in on top of you.

You realize we’ve just come around the curve of 2019. And now you need to be contemplating how to manage the final six months of this year, in order to achieve personal success. And you’re thinking but how to do it? Such dreams when 2019 started! Ugh, now only a few more weeks & it’s back to school for the kids. Clothes, books, & you’re not doing as well as you thought you would be by now.

Maybe your dreams of grandeur were just that. Dreams. Maybe you’re thinking to yourself, it’s me. I ‘m not smart enough. I’m not attractive enough. I… Excuse me for interrupting your train of thought but I know that train! And I’m telling you get off of it now!

Change your perspective not your dream. Think about the ½ glass of water example. One person will look & say it’s half empty. Another will look & say it’s half full! They both spoke truth. So who is the wiser?

Some will say, the one who said half full. Because it’s a wise person who will count the cost of what it will take to keep themselves above a dire circumstance of “I don’t have enough”. The one who says it’s half empty will most likely grapple to hold on to the last half. Fearing it will get gone, they won’t enjoy that amount & most likely wouldn’t be willing to share with others either.

So what I’m saying to ya’ll this morning is your wise to think at this time of year about the progress you’re making. And to get a grip on what needs to be done. But don’t let a date on your calendar ruin good times that can be had by you, your family & friends. Be willing to give yourself, ‘time’ to grow into your dream!

Prioritize, be flexible, & balance your dreams! And remember the old adage to always ask for another opinion? I’ll give you mine. That glass of water is neither half full nor half empty of water! But it is full. Cap your hand over the top of it. You will have enclosed air you can’t see with the natural eye on top of the water. Honey’s, your dreams of grandeur are the same. It takes faith! Don’t let others dictate to you their opinions as gospel. If you are sincere, & have prayed for Gods will then have faith & determination to see it through. Don’t be so hard on yourself either. After all, time is going to pass whether you continue to work on fulfilling your dream or not. I say, go for it! @End

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