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Yes! You access your profile when you log in. There you can change your name, nickname, how your name is displayed to the public, your email (we will send a confirmation request to the new email before it takes effect), your website link and social media, your About You Bio, and your profile picture (through GRAVATAR).  We DO NOT RECOMMEND that you try to change your Password here.  Instead, do this through the My Account area (go to Beauty Woman to Woman by clicking at the top left, then find My Account in the TOP MENU).

Go to the top of your Profile and click Beauty Woman to Woman Visit Site. Once there, access My Account in the TOP MENU or access it directly here:  Now scroll to the Sub Header My Account. There you will be able to click on the link CHANGE MY PASSWORD.
When you select Log In there will be a question in the area: “Forgot or Lost Your Password?”  Click there and we will send you a RESET email to change your Password.


We currently do not use Paypal.  However, we have heard you.  Many of our Members would like to have this option.  Our Pay Processor provider says that we can add it.  So, look for this in the coming issues.

Not at this time, but we do plan to add this option later. Keep watching.

While we would be very sorry to see you go, you may access My Account from the TOP MENU and in the section My Account you can choose the cancel option. (Yes, we’ll try to change your mind — you’re important to us!)

Currently BW2W accepts major credit / debit cards on our Secure, on-site payment system (run by Stripe). You do not need a Stripe account to pay using our secure on-site system.

Yes. We bill Monthly until you cancel. You will be able through your profile to update your payment preference after we add Paypal.

Our Pay Processor will attempt to renew up to 3 times, but if it won’t go through, and you have not updated your pay preferance with a new card/method, you will be automatically cancelled and unable to access the Paid content.  You may re-subscribe as soon as you get your payment method straightened out.


No.   BW2W bills monthly.   If you cancel, you may continue to access the magazine until the end of your current pay period. Your subscription will simply not auto-renew for the next month.


No.  Our content is protected against copying and/or right clicking to download.  If you’d like to use a part of the site for reviews, etc. contact us through the contact form at the top of this page with your request.

Yes, we will have a free newsletter to keep you informed & updated about your Magazine.  We are currently working on that and will inform members when it is ready.  This will be a valuable feature for you.

MANY!  This magazine is for you!  If it doesn’t make your life better, more beautiful, more of a success in your chosen work, helps you understand more of the Lord’s work in our lives…  then we fail — no matter how entertaining we seemWe’d like to add a Discussion Forum set up by topic so that Members can interact and discuss things pertaining to the Site that are important to them,   Also, we plan as soon as we can, to add Amazon to our Payment Options so that you can use your Amazon Card or Account to pay (this would be especially attractive if we add annual payments).   We plan to add more original articles plus stories and contests, along with popular, regularly recurring features.   WE WELCOME YOUR INPUT.  Please return to the top of the page and complete the Contact Form to send us your suggestions of things you’d like to see!


Yes. Our Privacy Policy can be accessed in the Footer 4 Menu (Go all the way to the bottom of the Site [black area, where the Copyright info is found] and it’s on your left).

You can also access it by going to:

This means that you have not yet REGISTERED or Signed-Up. BW2W’s content is for Paid Subscribers ($1.75/mo). Once you have Registered and set up your account you can access everything on-site.

Register / Limited FrontPage / Clickable FrontPage images – which wll lead to an image, title and request to Log In or Register.  They can see in the very bottom Footer Menu 4 our Privacy Policy, our contact page, “Connect With Us! & FAQ’s & Knowledgebase”, and What’s New.

BW2W is a Paid Subscription Magazine.  We are creating a free Newsletter that will keep Subscribers informed of special Features coming up, etc.   Free visitors will also be able to sign up for the Newsletter…  but to see the actual Magazine, anyone needs to be a Paid Subscriber.  At only $1.75/month, it’s a great bargain, especially as you grow with us.  Get in now and help shape the Magazine with your participation and suggestions!

Several ways have been provided for you to navigate through the Site!  Our FrontPage (Home in the Main Menu) has a Search Bar at the top on the right (above our Editor-in-Chief’s image) as well as one in Footer Menu 3, just above Direct Links in the black area at the bottom of the Site..  The Main Menu (active for Subscribed Members) contains topics and dropdown menus you can use to link to specific posts.  Many images on the Site are also clickable links.   Can’t find something you need?  Contact us through our Connect With Us form and we’ll get back to you, as soon as possible, to help

When you REGISTER you are asked to read the Terms of Service and to tick a box confirming that you have seen them. 

If you would like to see them again after you have signed-up you may access them here:

If you would like to have a printed copy of the Terms of Service and/or the Privacy Policy, please use the Contact form at:  to request copies to be emailed to you.

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