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Joe Biden is serious about combatting the Climate Change Crisis. There’s not a minute to lose.

So he’s tapped Kerry to handle this top priority. Who better? None. John Kerry is one of the smartest men on the planet. He has the experience and was the one who helped get the Paris Agreement in existence.

John Kerry our former Secretary of State has been chosen by our new President JoeBiden to step back up to the plate for America and bat us a home run.

Mr. Trump walked away from the agreement. Pulling America out of it. We are thrilled to report to our readers that John Kerry tweeted on 12/12/20 ~

“Five years ago today, the world gathered to adopt the Paris Agreement on climate change. On day one the Biden-Harris Administration will rejoin the Paris Agreement.”

It’s sad and hurtful that the last years have been wasted on such an important issue. But thanks be to God it’s a New Year now ~ 2021. Help is on the way. This January 20th, Joe Biden will become President of the United States.

America can then begin the work necessary to regain her footing and take the lead in the global effort to secure a much cleaner and safer environment for all of us. It will create many work opportunities the world over and give us all a day in which we will be able to ~ dare I say? Breathe easier!

At press time transition was in progress. Watch for all the great changes concerning Climate Change here.

A new day, a new way!

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