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s the world transitions into its destiny ~

the old saying “art imitates life” has never been more applicable.

While all our hearts have been torn by the images of war and strife it’s been difficult to keep a smile and find that comfort zone when it comes to entertainment.

We at BW2W certainly understand and yet we have to put things into a proper perspective. Think of it like this ~ A real soldier serving in the military gets certain needs met in order to keep he/she functioning as they should. Such as a day or twos leave to go into a town. That opportunity to see a concert, to socialize with others, and to get lost in a movie are priceless moments. And also part of the things freedom holds that we fight for.

So here are just a few highlights in case you haven’t heard:

Playing exclusively in theaters ~ THE LOST CITY ~ stars Sandra Bullock, Brad Pitt, Channing Tatum, & more. We don’t want to give anything away but it’s kind of a remake of Romancing The Stone.

To save you the time, if this piques your interest, here’s the link to ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY’s guide to:


Also, we hear that Donny Osmond has released his 65th album: “Start Again”. Quite a milestone. It’s his first full-length solo album in seven years! We are in awe of his talent, passion and commitment… you can “Start Again” in our lives anytime, Don!

Of course, there were The Grammy Awards making headlines. But how about this? We obtained this news about Pink Floyd from The Kyiv Independent and retweeted it on our Beauty Woman To Woman Twitter site — First release in 8 years! Pink FloydHey Hey Rise Up (feat. Andriy Khlyvnyuk of Boombox) https://youtu.be/saEpkcVi1d4 via @Youtube Take a look and listen.

Tiger Woods completed his return to competitive golf on Sunday with a grin on Augusta National’s 18th green and several tips of his hat. Rob Schumacher/USA TODAY Sports

Remember Tiger Woods (golf pro) who had a terrible accident a year ago? Rumors were that he’d never play again… Even he knew that was a possiblility. Fast Forward to The Masters 2022 & say hello to Tiger cause he’s b-a-c-k!

No, he didn’t WIN the Masters, not, at least, in the traditional sense. And It’s impossible to say, at this point, whether Tiger Woods still has a chance to break Jack Nicklaus’ record of 18 major championship victories.

But what is clear, after watching the 15-time major champion this past weekend at the Masters, is he is going to keep trying. He is willing to endure whatever pain the future has in store, just to keep trying. And …

He is — at long last — having fun. Way to go, Tiger!!!

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  1. I enjoyed this article very much and now I’m typing and still crying after watching that video twice. Yes, I will watch it again. Make sure you don’t miss it. Such heartbreak and unconcievable atrocities as no one thought we would witness and revisit in this century. My heart is aching for Ukraine: men, women, children, … soldiers. This needs to stop.

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