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Dame Joan Collins is joined by showbiz royalty as Elizabeth Hurley, Sarah Ferguson and Simon Cowell turn out for star-studded 88th birthday and 20th wedding anniversary celebration

DID YOU EVER GUESS THAT 88 COULD LOOK THIS FABULOUS? Joan Collins has certainly experienced the extreme ups and downs of a Hollywood acting career, yet that’s to be expected. As the British actress’ IMDb credits make clear, that career began in the 1950s and has extended to the present. She celebrated her 88th birthday and 20th wedding anniversary (with a familiarly-named good friends at a London bash during May 2022.


The legend was surrounded by industry friends while hosting the event along with her husband Percy Gibson at London’s Claridge’s Hotel. Those in attendance included Sarah, Duchess of York, X Factor creator Simon Cowell, his glamorous fiancée Lauren Silverman, actress Elizabeth Hurley and her model son Damian.


Husband Percy is 30 years younger than Joan. They used to get the same old tired observation as many younger husband/older wife heavenly matches: “What about the age difference?” This provoked Joan to start joking, “Well, if he dies, he dies.” After 20 years of happy marriage, the age difference no longer seems noticeable. He is a successful Hollywood Producer who met his ageless true love in 2000 in San Francisco while Collins was starring in a play for a company that Gibson managed. Originally from Peru, he is a naturalized US citizen, best known for the films The Time of Our Lives, Banksy’s Coming to Dinner, and the TV show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.

“The fact that I was older didn’t matter to us,” she says. “It was giddy, it was fantastic and Percy and I fell madly in love. I found my true soulmate and my husband forever.”

What’s the secret to 20 years of such bliss? Collins lays out the three rules she follows to maintain her successful marriage with Gibson:
* “Don’t marry an actor! Rule No. 1,” she quipped. 
* “Separate loos! Rule No. 2 …
* “…and I think one has arguments, but always be forgiving.”

“He’s the best, I can’t imagine life without him,”

Percy is step-father to Joan’s children, Tara Newley Arkle, Alexander Newley, and Katyana Kass.

They reside in St. Tropez, France in a stunning villa while also splitting time in Los Angeles and England.

The Dynasty icon lived up to her glamorous status as the couple was pictured leaving the hotel, Joan in a glittering silver dress and furry white stole.  



You remember President Barack Obama’s little girl MALIA, one of his two American princesses occupying the White House? Malia was fairly recently pictured kissing Rory Farquharson her British boyfriend with distant ties to the Queen whom she met while attending Harvard. That’s right, Obama’s daughters are all grown up. Malia will turn 24 this July 4th.

She also started working as a writer a couple years ago for Donald Glover’s project for Amazon. She was recruited to be part of the writer’s room for a series on Amazon’s Prime Video. This is not her first tryst with writing or television. In 2015, she interned at HBO.


Matthew McConaughey’s Work At The White House Earns Rave Reviews From Fans

Actor Matthew McConaughey is not afraid to speak his mind. Although the native Texan didn’t end up running for governor of his home state — as he hinted he might — in 2022, that does not mean he will shy away when it comes to politics. 

May 24 Robb Elementary School shooting in Uvalde, Texas,

McConaughey publicly came out in favor of gun control legislation pushed for by President Joe Biden, appearing at a White House press briefing to advocate for the issue on June 7.

“We need responsible gun ownership,” he declared, per HuffPost. “We need background checks. We need to raise the minimum age to purchase an AR-15 rifle to 21. We need a waiting period for those rifles. We need red flag laws and consequences for those who abuse them.” 

Despite his strict religious upbringing in a solidly Republican part of the country, McConaughey’s work should not be taken lightly.  Not only does he have three young children, aged 13, 12, and 9, but he was born and raised in Uvalde himself; in fact, his mother, according to People, taught at a school only about a mile away from the site of the massacre. It is no surprise then, that McConaughey’s work with the White House has already earned rave reviews from fans, who are not typically predisposed to seeing him discuss serious issues like this. 

During an impassioned 20-minute speech at the White House press briefing on June 7, Matthew McConaughey called for what he described as “common-sense gun laws” meant to protect children and adults in the United States from gun violence. He said that people are “fed up with the Second Amendment being abused and hijacked by some deranged individual,” per Reuters, and got emotional multiple times while discussing the tragedy in his hometown. The shooting last month killed 21 people, including 19 children, according to The New York Times. 

On June 8, Matthew McConaughey’s name began trending on Twitter, boosting President Joe Biden’s efforts to raise awareness and pressure on lawmakers to pass gun control measures. Republican Representative Adam Kinzinger tweeted, “Couldn’t agree more … Thank you [Matthew McConaughey] for giving a voice to the voiceless. Gun owners like yourself are the best advocates for action on gun responsibility.”

Among the positive reviews were many from the public, with one user writing, “Matthew McConaughey spoke for millions of Americans today. As a parent of three young children, I couldn’t agree with him more.” Another fan slammed Republican lawmakers for their inaction, writing, “I don’t care how Matthew McConaughey votes. He did more today for those innocent children than the entire Republican Party has done in two weeks.” In the end, however, McConaughey is not a lawmaker, and fans can only hope that with continued pressure and publicity, action will soon be taken. 


Release Date: March 25, 2022
Director: Daniel Kwan, Daniel Scheinert
Stars: Michelle Yeoh, Stephanie Hsu, Ke Huy Quan, James Hong, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jenny Slate, Harry Shum Jr.
Rating: R
Runtime: 146 minutes

The Multiverse is a hypothetical group of multiple universes. Together, these universes comprise everything that exists: the entirety of space, time, matter, energy, information, and the physical laws and constants that describe them. It is the 10th Dimension of String Theory which is also a hypothesis that seeks to explain the UNIFIED THEORY which is… the “connection” between Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity.

The movie Everything Everywhere All At Once uses this theory as a premise and follows Evelyn Wang (Michelle Yeoh), who ia a jaded, middle-aged laundromat owner. Evelyn may or may not be involved in some minor tax fraud. Her tedious, repetitive life is thrown into total pandemonium, however, when her husband, Waymond (Ke Huy Quan)—or at least a version of him—alerts her to the existence of the Multiverse on an elevator ride to a dreaded IRS meeting.

He explains that he’s learned that a powerful villain named Jobu Tupaki is in the process of constructing a universe-destroying force. Only Evelyn has the ability to stop the process. Evelyn reluctantly plunges headfirst into the Multiverse where there are an infinite number of universes existing simultaneously. They contain just about anything you could possibly imagine.

The rules of the movie Multiverse: To acquire different skills, you must picture a universe in which you inhabit that skill, whether it be inhumanly strong pinky fingers or a mastery of knife-fighting. (If you can think it up, it exists.) What follows, then, are roughly 140 frenetic minutes filled to the brim with dense, complex science, colorful setpieces and scenes that feel like they’ve been pulled straight out of dreams far too abstract to describe.

As you can probably gather, Everything, Everywhere, All At Once, the movie, is not dissimilar to its title—and it’s a lot to wrap your head around. If all this sounds intimidating (which, let’s be honest, how could it not?), rest assured that it’s grounded by an effortlessly simple emotional throughline. The film contains cool concepts and ostentatious images, but at its core, it is a story about love and family, carried by the dazzling Yeoh in a subtle and unsentimental performance.

Where the emotional throughline is Evelyn’s relationship with her family, its visual thread manifests as a series of hypnotic, dizzying action sequences choreographed like a ballet by Andy and Brian Le. As a bonus, these sequences recall Yeoh’s iconic role in Ang Lee’s film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. The directors don’t shy away from the use of flashing, or rapidly shifting, light sources that disorient the viewer. They also aren’t afraid to implement over-the-top images. This is not a family film.

Movement between the multiple universes feels seamless through Paul Rogers’ meticulous editing, as does the effortlessness in which different aspect ratios melt into one another. If Everything Everywhere All at Once can be boiled down to one, simple question, it would be reflexive of its own title: Can you really have everything everywhere all at once? Whatever the characters’ answers end up being (you discover that on your own), I am certain that the Daniels would say yes, of course, you can.

by Abi Morgan

An ordinary day begins. And ends an ordinary life.

The heartbreaking and life-affirming bestseller from the writer of The Split


Emmy Award-winning screenwriter Abi Morgan crafts a beautiful memoir about what it is truly like to take care of a partner who has suffered a serious brain injury and now doesn’t know who you are. Morgan invites readers into her life with Jacob, her partner, and their two children, Jesse and Mabel. After several years of living with Jacob’s multiple sclerosis, she comes home one day to find he has collapsed. After spending a year in the hospital and recovering from serious brain damage, Jacob announces that the woman claiming to be the love of his life is not who she says she is — Morgan is really just an impersonator. Despite this Earth-shattering discovery, Morgan works to put their shared life back together. This Is Not a Pity Memoir is a rumination on the nuances and mysteries of love, and readers will surely feel lucky to have gone on this journey with the talented writer.


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