“A kiss is a secret told to the mouth instead of the ear; kisses are the messengers of love and tenderness.”
~ Ingrid Bergman

Welcome Ladies, How’s your hearts feeling this morning? Ready for some, Magic, Adventure, & Intrigue? I thought with the 4th of July only four days away & that being such a romantic occasion…

Yeah, you heard me right. ROMANTIC! I’m laughing softly, I know it’s not Valentine’s. But haven’t you ever stood out under that big beautiful sky while the fireworks were bursting in the air & then your man took you in his arms?

Suddenly he pulls you in closer to him, and you center your eyes into his. Your heart starts to pound a little faster. Your breathing picks up. The voices around seem to be getting farther away.

Captivated by his Fireworks! You’re thankful his arms are around you because your not sure with those weak legs that he just gave you & those chills running down your spine if you could stand on your own.

Every woman deserves that kind of thrilling sensation! And you know it’s not just on the 4th of July that you can see & feel that kind of fireworks either! I believe in cultivating a positive mindset. Think out your formula for romantic moments with him.

I guess y’all this is stemming from a young lady who not so long ago confided in me. She told me her guy had given her flowers. I smiled & said good for you! But before I could ask what kind she interrupted me. With such a sad look on her face, she said, ‘it’s not like you think’! He just shoved them at me & said here.

The strain I felt, wanting to take away her hurt. I did my best to console her & we went on with our dinner. But the deed was done. And yet I think looking back, you know with a little forethought on her part this may have had a happily ever after ending.

If you want to reap romance then you need to plant romantic seeds. How? By setting a chain of events in motion. Just as if you were watching a movie & you find yourself thinking, uh -oh that was the wrong move I would have …’ said these words’ or did this & you change the scene in it to suit your desires. It’s the same here in the real world.

The timing, the two of you. How you look, feel, touch, smell, & listen. All senses come into play.

Use your art of seduction to bring out the playboy side of your man. Give him the nod of confidence, that says, ‘Mister, with nobody else but me, are you gonna get this kind of fireworks show’! Then lay one of your best all-time kisses on him. And uh, as those chills run up & down his spine, & his legs get a little weak. Look deep into his eyes & captivate him! @End

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