BW2W-4 Mind, Body, Soul

Strong women intimidate boys & . . . excite men!

I suppose this is my Christina Aguilera month… Remember her crooning, “What a girl wants, etc.”?

Well, let’s think about this. What a Mind wants! What a Body needs! Whatever makes my Soul happy will set me free!! Sing it, Girls!

Do you have the confidence within that is ready ~ finally ready to express what your Mind, Body & Soul both wants and needs?

That’s exactly what we at Beauty Woman To Woman have taken a bold approach to accomplish. It hasn’t been easy. Sometimes, it’s felt like we didn’t know what we were doing, but we tried to do our best! And you know what? We discovered frustrating can be another name for exhileration! Pulling off a dream is satisfying. Seeking God’s guidance only to truly realize the opportunity He’s given us to touch lives in real and meaningful ways – It’s the kind of Freedom money can’t satisfy. (However, money has some charm — so let’s not diss it any!)

What do you want, need, & what keeps YOU happy … and how will our monthly magazine offer it to ya? Gals — and guys — (yeah I know some of you are out there): the Bible told the richest man there ever was, King Soloman, that the fear of the LORD is the beginning of Wisdom. So God says we need to get Wisdom and with all our getting to get understanding.

So my vision here is for us to have a whole lot of fun. To learn some things in a lot of different areas. I hope we’ll really talk to each other and think and support and lean on and love one another. I’d like to see Beauty Woman to Woman become more than a good read, then tossed aside. I see a Community growing in love and getting Wisdom and understanding. Sure, there are hot topics and issues — and we’ll turn ’em inside-out.

But primarily my prayer – and please pray with and for us – is that at the BW2W Community we will all become aware of how to more effectively communicate from our heart’s inner light. A world is waiting to be ignited by our light!

Also at the heart of our business is the power to provide millions of subscribers with trusted beauty and lifestyle tips and products along with knowledge and support. Subscribers like the true gents strong enough to show their hearts, to the women strong enough to capture them.

Now to all who have taken the first step forward with us to become ‘2020 Swag Worthy’ welcome and thank you for Registering with BW2W from the bottom of my heart. I look forward to getting acquainted, We have MANY goodies in the pipeline that you won’t see this first month as we get underway. We’re just on our First Date so to speak, but if we both give it a little time and TLC we are going to have a GREAT relationship!

Get our glow on!

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