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September! The allure of Autumn. Crisp air. The crunch of leaves under your feet. Scents of cinnamon and apple. Or maybe that special cologne or perfume whispers ‘c’mere’ to you. It’s a time when your heart can speak to you about some very important things… listen.

Welcome back, everyone! Our Beauty Woman To Woman Magazine hiatus was a sensational success. We’re excited to begin incorporating some of the new things that we’ve learned. Why? Because this Magazine is here for you. We’d also like to learn from you. So take your time this month as you look through our articles and be sure to give us some feedback about what you love, okay?

You know change is the necessary key to opening the doors that every woman wants, needs, and must obtain in order to achieve her goals.

2021 thus far has been a whirlwind of change for everyone over the globe. Life itself is transformative. It’s beauty, politics, and fascinating relationships, etc. As the CEO of Beauty Woman To Woman Magazine, it’s been incredibly challenging for me and yet very rewarding.

This year I’m especially looking forward to the beautiful Autumn season. BW2W is going to open up our closet, figuratively speaking, and say ‘Let’s clear out some of these old things so we can bring in the new’. There’s nothing like getting some beautiful new things for a change of season, is there?

I want to encourage all of you to do the same. Change should be embraced. If you’ll assume a willing attitude, then I know you too can tackle any problem that you’re facing. Whether it’s in your business, relationships, or any kind of a project or passion that you have going on.

There are 122 days left in 2021! Think
about your goals. What is it YOU would
like to be feeling proud about and
celebrating this coming New Year’s Eve?
Now, deep breath, fresh air, and let’s
spread our wings and fly!

Stay beautiful,

Betty ❤️❤️❤️


  1. Beautifully written Betty!! I can sense some excitement from your words in ths article!! 🙂 <3

    You know, we ALL need to keep reinventing ourselfs, and keep changing and evolving with all the currents going on around us. This is what keeps us in front of all the (ever changing) trends. AND, this is what gives us new motivation, over and over again. I'm realizing this more and more!

  2. Thank you, Tammy. It’s so thoughtful of you to leave a comment. And yes ALL do need to keep reinventing themselves. As we grow, new and better opportunities will present themselves. I’m sure not only at our places of work but in our home lives too. Wishing you a beautiful September!:maple_leaf::fallen_leaf::kiss::revolving_hearts:

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