“I’m very definitely a woman and I enjoy it.”~ Marilyn Monroe

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Marilyn Monroe. Icon. Actress. Singer. Beauty. Sex goddess. Troubled. Feminine. Whatever word comes to your mind when you hear her name, she was, and is, a mind-sticker!

I really like Marilyn Monroe. I enjoy several of her movies very much. And having learned of some of her personal life’s triumphs and yes, tragedies, I’ve found it easy to see how she became a star and relate to her.

She once said, “I only know I want to be wonderful.” Me, too.

Money wasn’t her highest priority. She showed a zeal for what she found would work in a man’s world. Being herself. Flirty. All woman. Her fashion flair was unmistakable. She was whistle-worthy. The woman that could make onlookers wonder … ‘now is it that dress she’s wearing that’s sexy? Or is it her that makes the dress sexy?’

That’s a goal I personally feel every woman should reach for. Being so comfortable in your own skin that others find it a joy to observe you just being you. But then that’s me. My opinion. I was raised on love and spoiled by my family when I was a baby girl. I was given my first Barbie when I was around seven. It stuck to me like glue. And everything that came with her, I wanted.

To this day, I’m still tuned into pretty pinks, lavenders, satins, and lace. You might say I’m a girly girl. I’ll own that! Yes, I’m one of those women that adores that feeling of my sexy lace underwear. It helps to give me that boost of confidence before a business meeting. Of course, no one there will ever see it, but I know I have it. You know what I mean? I possess it! It’s part of me. Like my dainty coffee cup. Or my pretty bottle of Passion perfume on my dressing table. Things that help me express myself to others. Things I love. They will become associated with me because they are manifestations of what I feel comfortable with. Like Marilyn Monroe became known as ‘the blonde that gentlemen around the world preferred’ because they associated the parts she played with her personal real-life persona.

To be beautiful “a woman needs to believe she is beautiful”. Do you want to feel like a Marilyn type? Then it’s going to require that you do a little acting. You can practice your smile, different facial expressions, and your walk in front of your mirror, to begin with. It will help you at home and in the workforce. It’ll take all these good things along with the right makeups, hairstyles, and clothes to turn someone’s head in taking a closer look at you. Whether it’s a boss or maybe your Mr. Right.

And guess what? Now is the perfect time. Just as Spring has been adorning us with all the lovely varieties of flowers and trees, etc. with their vibrancy and colors. I’m proud to say that our fashion choices are trending that way. The tops, dresses, swimsuits have beautiful colors and soft flowing lines. Just the ticket for putting on your own sexy appeal to them!

As well as our makeups. Pastel shades for our eyes are in again and done right can really make your eyes pop. And thank God we’re at a point now where our face masks can be taken off with inner circle friends, family, and small groups that have been vaccinated.

So let your artistic makeup brushes and acting abilities flow. It’s time to share your sparkle and most feminine traits with the world again ladies. You can do it by simply being beautiful you,

Betty Ann

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