“I never say never. And I never say always.”
~Grace Kelly

Ladies, steady your coffee cups! Because if you think the weather is hot… and your coffee is hot… then, just wait till you read on in this morning’s post!

I feel it’s ‘give you the key to start your personality engine time’. And to help you to know how to put a certain personality trait into the right gear to get the results you’re after.

So let’s talk about it. Do I dare? … SEX APPEAL!

Have you got it? Do, uh, men think you have it? Now before some of you begin to blush, don’t misunderstand me. I’m not talking about the graphic details of your making love. I’m speaking about your presence. Does the opposite sex find you desirable? Sensual? Would you be described as ‘she oozes with sex appeal’? Or would they say, ‘her’ she’s a turn-off!

It’s a fine line that a lady has to walk. Especially today in this high tech era. Torn between professional and personal to-do’s! Your morale can take a beating. Competition is stiff & you can easily find yourself feeling like you’re trying to walk a tight rope. And Sex Appeal is powerful. It will work like a magnet. But it’s also like your high heels, you must master it, not let it control you.

I’ve observed at times how men will tend to gather with men and the women with the women at certain functions. And you’re ok with that, when suddenly in walks a woman who seemingly without doing anything, commands their attention. They start to swagger over to her and become interested in if she needs something to drink. Or where she would like to sit? Or whatever???

Alright, let’s set the record straight. Everyone wants to be desired. After all, it’s the ultimate compliment! But if you’re a woman who wants the opposite sex’s respect, as well as a woman who possesses Sex Appeal, then be confident enough in yourself to ‘draw the line’.

One that will say, “I am so flattered that you want to connect with me, but…

But, I recognize there’s a difference between just sex and love. Remember what every woman really wants. You want to be a (complete woman) in a man’s sight. Not a toy that he can pick up and put down at his leisure. So many I’ve known have made the mistake of thinking, if I’m good enough in the bedroom he won’t want another. Or he’ll never leave me. Really? Seriously? Statistics say differently! Honey’s, be sure of what your intentions are, as well as the people you meet. Think about the emotional & physical connection you want.

You have a body, a mind, and a soul. And God gave us freedom to choose how we use them. So my advice is don’t abuse yourself and don’t allow anyone else to abuse you either.

You see, I’ve been the woman above that entered the room many times. My secret “Sex Appeal” weapons? A polished, elegant look. A smile. A willingness to listen as well as give an opinion. A sense of humor. And I know when to draw a line! And to a real man who’s truly interested in connecting with you, that’s a definite turn-on. @End

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