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Are you as eager as I am to get this new month off to a fantastic start? Do I hear a resounding yes? That’s great! It’s known as ‘the Fresh Start Effect’! A clean slate. Now… Dream bigger! Doubt smaller!

Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

What’s on your agenda? A road trip to enjoy the scenery?

A Road Trip?
Spring Break?

Airlines are reporting that crowds are returning to fly the friendly skies. And as more of our population gets vaccinated and schools return to normal classroom teaching, we as a nation are beginning to stand back up like the annuals in our yards.

Set some new goals to reach for. Things are opening back up in America. Granted we still need to wear our face masks and be vigilant but this month is a time to not only boost your spirits but get more physically active. Time to add some fun and frivolity into our everyday lives.

From Easter egg hunts to picnics. The return of MLB games and getting out to the parks. Beautiful lakes, fishing, and golf. Whatever your passion make your social calendar one full of soul satisfying delights.

Take advantage of every opportunity that comes knocking and remember you can choose to be happy and you have the power to turn good to great.


Betty Ann

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