A Satisfied Woman

“The strongest action for a woman is to love herself, be herself and shine amongst those who never believed she could.” ~ Classy Lady Quotes


Come on in, the door is open! I’m so glad y’all came this morning. What a week we’ve just come through, huh? The heat is on! The Lion King was upgraded & released! Some hearts were broken! Some hearts were healed! Only seven days since we last met together and lives were changed…

Yes, the coffee is ready. And I want y’all to hear this old song I found. It’s called ‘She’s a Lady’ by Tom Jones! An oldie but a goodie as they say. But, I don’t know, with everything I’m facing in my life, it just struck my fancy this morning. Because as a smart woman once said, “every female is a woman but not every woman is a lady”!

Listen to his words. See what I mean? We’re all at that pivotal point, you know it? Searching our own souls as well as others. Taking a stand for what we believe. Trying our best to make a better world for ourselves and the children that are being born into it. Pitching our innovative projects. Working to make ends meet. The old adage of “I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan, and never let him forget he’s a man”! And why? Because we’re women! The female of the species. Multitaskers! And poised to attract whatever our heart desires.

Did y’all ever notice how much we say that phrase “I’ll be satisfied if,”? If, it does or doesn’t rain! If, I get paid what the job is worth! If, my kids don’t get into real trouble! If, I can say I’m a satisfied woman and mean it!

Pour me another cup while you’re over there Tammy! What? Why y’all looking at me like that? Yeah, I know, I’m feeling good and pouring my heart out this morning. I guess I just feel like I’ve made it to that place finally! I feel like I’m a satisfied woman now! For real.

Are there certain things that I’d like to change in my life? Sure. But it’s the natural things that we all have and feel as part of living our day to day lives. I’d love to get a new place to live and some new furniture and clothes etc. All that good stuff, but ‘my emotions and vibes’ are really good right now and for that I’m very grateful.

You know, one thing I believe the Lord has used to help me is learning to balance my time so I can focus more as to what my mind and body deserve. Taking time on the weekends with y’all and my ‘me-time’ as I call it, is like getting a couple of days of vacation each week.

I discovered, working seven days a week can make you old before your time. Not to mention being a slave to it. No sir, I made up my mind. Not to lose the good times I can have in the here and now while I’m on my way to the good times I can have when I get there. Y’all are still smiling at me. Ok, ladies! You’re all just going to have to leave me wondering, is it that I’m getting some rest & having a little fun on the weekends? Or has a man captured my heart? Or… Now I’m smiling at all of y’all! See you next Saturday, ladies! @End

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