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Happy Mother’s Day! The month of May was my mother’s favorite month and not just because that’s when we celebrated Mother’s Day. It was always an unusually busy time for our family. She loved it because it’s when the roses began to bloom in our home state of Georgia. She was an interior/exterior decorator. A wife. A lover. A Sunday school teacher. A comic. At times a drama queen. She was what’s known as the all-American girl – who married the man of her dreams.

My Mom married at a very early age. And she was like most women are ~ the pillar of our family. She worked hard to raise her children with knowledge and truth. She taught us to look for beauty in every situation. And to wait for the rainbow when the storms of this life were upon us.

Pinching penny’s. Waitressing. And one of this world’s best jugglers. For Dad and us three children, she became nurse, first responder, and laid down the law at our home; meanwhile, my Dad (like so many other men) worked harder than he should have had to in order to provide for us. She supported him by taking on most of the other family leadership duties so he could rest when he was home.

She was strong, opinionated, passionate and certainly fearless if someone challenged her on her belief in God. She always preached to us: “If someone has made a mistake or messed up, it’s me! Don’t set your eyes on me, or anyone else in this world. You look to God.”

I will always cherish my memories of her. I’m proud to know that I inherited many of her traits. Yes, even those that sometimes irritate others. I speak the truth especially when others don’t want to hear it – but need to. I will forever be grateful that God chose her spirit to be my Mother.

Indeed one of my highest compliments came once from my Dad when he told me “you have your grandmother’s eyes (his mother) and you’re just like your Mother.

When I was little I’d pretend to be the Mommy that takes care of the baby, who baked the most delicious pie, and won the Ken doll of her dreams. I added to that list as I grew. Things like a love for Writing; an appreciation for the world around me; and hope for a love so beautiful that it couldn’t be measured. I am one of many American women with dreams and blessed to live in this time where anything is possible.

I think it’s fantastic that our little girls of today pretend to do those things I did. And yet they’ve added dreams along with positions I couldn’t fathom. Pretend cell phone’s, calling their friends up to set up a Zoom or some other new-fangled “connector” I still can’t get a grip on, and even when asked ‘What do you want to do someday?’ they think … ‘I may be the President of the United States!‘ And they sure might!

This month, I propose a special Toast to all the beautiful Mom’s of the world. Past. Present and Future!


Betty Ann

2 thoughts on “A NATURAL WOMAN

  1. Hey Betty!! Love this piece. :purple_heart: Sounds like you are a lot like your mom was. I’m very much my mother’s daughter too!! Hope you got passed Mother’s Day without too much sadness or bad memories.

    Hugs and Blessings hun! 🥰:tulip::purple_heart:

  2. Thank you, Tammy Embrich. This Mother’s Day was lovely. I dwelt on the happiest memories of my Mom. We were very close. :kissing_heart::hugging::revolving_hearts:

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