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Dear world,

Here in the USA, we are going through some growing pains at the present time. Don’t be discouraged by our headlines and the way the news media portrays us. As in other nations around the globe, Rupert Murdoch dominates a stronghold in the Media universe. And with news media, the rule seems to be as our beloved former President Barack Obama put it, “If it bleeds, it leads.”

Beauty Woman To Woman wants to assure our readers from around the world, that the American people are generous, hard-working, resilient, and ready to meet any challenge that comes our way. We have President Biden leading the USA now and repairing damages that were the responsibility of his predecessor. The Far Right and the Far Left both have workers who have seated themselves in positions of authority in our government. But as truth overcomes lies and the light floods into a dark abode; we the people will stretch and groan and grow wiser as we push forward to make ourselves and our world better.

We’re entering our Summer months here and our restrictions due to covid have been relaxed. So that means it’s time to “Play ball y’all!” And we are! Politically, physically and ‘taking care of business; in all other aspects. BW2W believes in balancing our lives. Beauty inside/out. Work/play. Smarter, healthier choices.

Baseball, swimming, outdoor concerts, road trips, family fun, and living our best lives are on our to-do list.

Welcome June and welcome to all of you.

Here’s to the good life! Feed your soul, mind and body with whatever sets it on fire. And you’ll always stay beautiful.



  1. Thank you, Gabriela. I apologize for the delay in responding to you here. Although I’ve said it to you verbally how much I appreciate your opinions and support. There’s something special about putting our words in print. I think it a fine thing when something or someone touches your life, that you share it with others. So much of life in today’s world isn’t given the attention it deserves. Simple things ~ like the pleasure of sharing the joys, the heartbreaks, the dreams, goals and achievements we have together. Not just major news events. I treasure your friendship. To my other subscribers who read this ~ Gabriela has been a faithful friend and subscriber from the very first issue. She’s a talented home health care provider for a member of her family. Born in Romania, she has a fascinating life story of her own to tell and is now a citizen of the U.S. Love you Gabi :kiss::heart:

  2. When your emotions are stired by something you watched, you witnessed or read, then you know it was good. That’s what I can say about this little ariticle. Thank you, Betty.

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